Time for FUN!

Time for FUN!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, overextended, frazzled, or flat-out exhausted?

A little bit of all of the above? Me too!

Naughty Rocky

Naughty Rocky

As a busy wife and mom to four mostly delightful, but occasionally disagreeable, kids and one very naughty dog, I’m continually on the look-out for strategies, tips and techniques to help make our chaotic life more enjoyable and peace-filled.

What if I told you I discovered the secret to increased joy, love, and laughter in your home?

Better yet, what if it was something you could experience at no cost, with no pills to take, books to read, or calories to count. Would anyone be interested?

Friends, here is the key to a life of greater joy and satisfaction….

Today I’m blessed with the honor of guest posting for my friend Jen Ferguson at her blog Finding Heaven. To read more the rest of my post, hop on over to Jen’s site here

See you at Jen’s place!



P.S. Be sure to print off a copy of my free Family Fun List from A to Z list! You’ll find it at Jen’s place, or you can print a copy here – A to Z family fun chart

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