GEMS:  Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior.

Providing real answers to the challenges girls face today. 

It’s Cindy’s humble privilege to serve as the Executive Director of GEMS, a global ministry based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

If you are a mom, mentor, or ministry leader, you will want to check out GEMS here!

  • Got a girl in your life and wondering how to navigate tough topics and the challenges they face? Check out these FREE videos of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration, here.
  • For resources to help you connect one-on-one with your girls, learn more here.
  • For opportunities for your girl to be involved in a local GEMS club, discover more here.
  • For fun, relevant, Truth-filled resources for girls and grown-ups, visit here.

Friend, our girls need us, and our world needs our girls. Let’s change the world! 




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