As many of you know, one of my closest friend’s husband had a massive heart attack yesterday. He is 39 years old. Would you please stop and pray right now for Tom Torresson and his wife Jen and their 3 precious kids? We need a miracle!

I am not yet ready to write my thoughts. Instead, today I’ll share words from my 5 year old little Sarah. Sarah loves the Bible, being a Bible teacher and preparing her lessons. I found this note recently on her music stand (where she practices teaching her class). See if you can read what it says!
(In case you need a translation, it is John 15:12. Love each other as I have loved you.)

Thank you, Sarah, for being a guest post for your mom today.
May God fill each one of us with the servantlike, selfless love of Christ ~ so that we might powerfully display His glory to this lost and hurting world!
Please keep praying for the Torresson family!!
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