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Hey Friends!

What an exhausting week! Not only was it “Back to School” for my gang ~ it was also filled with disappointment, divorce (not me! But a very close family member. We are so sad!), and the realization that 2 of my good friends are gone (recap here and here). Poor John ~ I’ve cried on his shoulder for days. (Sweet guy brought me 2 bouquets of flowers ~ thanks honey!)

So today’s post is just lighthearted fun 🙂 Here’s more information about me than you probably care to know! I’d love it if you play along….

In One Word….

(and you know it’s hard for me to just say One Word. We’ll see how I do)

Yourself: Blessed

Your husband: Integrity

Your hair: Red

Your Mother: Giving

Your Father: Helpful

Your Favorite Item: Bible

Your Favorite Drink: Venti-Skinny-vanilla-latte-no-foam-extra-hot 🙂

Your Dream Car: Clean

Your Dream Home: Cozy

The Room You Are In: Office

Your fear: Rejection

Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Center-of-God’s-will

Who you hung out with last night: John

What You’re Not: Boring

One of Your Wish List Items: Freedom-in-Christ-for-all

Time: Bedtime

The Last Thing You Did: Football

What You Are Wearing: Pink

Your favorite weather: Fall

Your Favorite Book: Too-Many!

Last thing you ate: Trail Mix

Your Life: Abundant.

Your mood: Trying-to-stay-cheerful-when-I-feel-sad

Your Best Friends: my J’s

Your car: John’s Truck (thanks, honey!)

Your summer: Fun!

Relationship status: Very-happily-married

What is on your TV: Nothing.

When is the last time you laughed: with-my-adorable-kids!

So there you have it!!

What about for you?? How would you describe yourself in one word?? I’d love to hear from you!!

Have a wonderful, safe, joy-filled Labor Day weekend!

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