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Hey Friends —

Is your faith life more fired up or fizzled out?

Maybe you hear about women who are moving mountains with their faith, blogging to billions, caring for orphans, ministering to the masses — and you want that life!

You declare “Use me too, Lord!”

But when it’s time to be nice to your neighbor, sign up to serve, or pray for the pain-filled friend — you hide behind your badge of busyness and settle in to accept comfort over calling, simplicity over serving, hiding instead of hospitality.

I can definitely relate.

How I long for a faith life filled with purpose, passion, spark, and meaning— but truth be told —most days I feel caught up in the “whirlpool of life.”

After long days jam-packed with a house full of kids, never-ending chores, and our zany dog—I barely have energy to change the sheets, much less change the world.

Maybe when my family life slows down, then I should serve.

Perhaps when I lose weight, then I’ll be more comfortable sharing my story.

Or when I learn more Scripture verses, then I’ll be a better Bible teacher.

In the meantime, it’s easy to settle into a lukewarm routine, filling my days being busy with “good” things, while allowing the “best” opportunities God has for me to pass on by.

Thankfully God never intended for “lukewarm” to become our norm.

I’ve found the key to living with fresh passion and purpose tucked in a letter to the ancient church of Laodicea, also known as Revelation 3:14-22. The people in that church were not very different from you and me today. They struggled with being lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—and Jesus had the perfect remedy for their lackluster faith.

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Leader’s Pack $32.99

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Sweet friend, what if God has purpose for us in the midst of our most mundane days?

What if we went from just “believing in God” to allowing Him to ignite every part of our faith lives?

Let’s learn from the lukewarm church and say “no” to lives of complacency, staleness, and stagnation and instead pursue a life of Red Hot Faith!

God’s richest blessings to you~



P.S. West Michigan friends, I’m looking forward to celebrating LAUNCH WEEK with my dear friends & family at Baker Book House tomorrow evening (Tuesday, June 29th.) Details here – here I’d love to have you join us (& yes, it’s free!)

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