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Hey Friends –

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Stressed out?

Perhaps your heart is heavy, or you’re just plain tired.

I’m right there with you, friend.

Truth be told: I desperately want a faith-life filled with passion, purpose, spark and meaning– but most days I feel caught up in the whirlpool of life.

After days filled with trips to Target, waiting at Walgreens, and drop-offs to the dry cleaners — I barely have energy to change my kids’ sheets, much less change the world.

Sweet friend, I wonder if you can relate?

How do we keep from being pulled into a swirling, lackluster, lukewarm routine of life, keeping us from experiencing God’s best?

How do we keep our faith life fired up rather than fizzled out?

Thankfully God’s Word really does teach us the best way to live.

Can I get a Woo Hoo?!

Beginning today —  for the next 31 days — let’s explore how to fire up our faith and experience the full, abundant, overflowing life Jesus offers so that we might reflect Him well in the midst of this lost and hurting world.

Anyone with me?

Could you use some fired up faith?

Me too!

Here’s what you can expect for the next 31 days:

  • Free printables and downloadables to help you on your faith journey
  • Powerful video testimonies from women who have watched God bring beauty from ashes (hint: one testimony is Mary Beth Chapman. Yippee!)
  • Giveaways, surprises, & more free stuff!
  • Truth-filled, grace-full messages for you — wherever you might be on your faith journey!

Whether you are a brand new Christian, a seasoned Bible teacher, or still trying to figure this whole “Jesus thing” out — I’d love for you to join us for the next 31 days!

Now please know, I am not a perfect woman with polished answers. No siree.

I’m just an ordinary girl in love with an extraordinary God — and a girl who knows first hand that our God is a God of ginormous miracles.

(If this is our first time meeting: you may want to take a moment and watch my testimony. My background includes addiction, grief, single parenting, and drug overdoses. Not kidding. Get to know me more here – Cindy’s testimony on Day of Discovery TV Show )

Are you interested in following along on this faith-filled adventure?

I’ll post the links to each day at the top of this page. Or…You can like my FB page, connect with me on Twitter, or subscribe to my blog via the sidebar. That way you’ll never miss a red-hot day!

Sweet friend, I hope you’ll join me on this 31 day journey. Let’s say NO MORE to lackluster, lukewarm living, and instead ask God to fire up our faith so that we shine bright for Him!

What do you have to lose?

To get started: Day 1 of our 31 Days.

1. Will you please introduce yourself in the comment section? Your name, where you are from, and anything else you’d like to share would be great. I’d love to meet you and pray for you too!

2. Grab a fresh notebook, jot today’s date, and then, if you are comfortable, write out a prayer to God asking Him to ignite you with fresh faith. If you’re not sure what to say, that’s ok — maybe try the frantic father’s prayer from Mark 9:24 MSG, “Jesus, help me with my doubts!”

3. If you have a moment, sing along with this “Start a Fire” song and let it be your October theme song and prayer —

Blog Button690Thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

May God start a fire in your soul so flammable and contagious — your faith-life is never the same!

Sweet blessings



P. S. Here are the additional posts in the 31 Day Challenge —

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