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If you’ve spent anytime around *She Sparkles*, you know I am passionate about living Fat Talk Free.

Please know….I am so NOT perfect in this area nor have I somehow “arrived”.

Truth be told, my friends still call me out on this occassionally. If I let even one “Do these pants make my butt look big?” comment slip…they are on me like fleas (as they should be)!

After years of struggling with an eating disorder, stinkin’ thinkin’, nearly losing my life, and most recently having to take my young daughter to the doctor due to her “not wanting to be fat” ….I have made a personal promise to be part of the SOLUTION to the epidemic of Fat Talk.

I also get fired up when I meet other women who have committed to living a life of freedom, wholeness, and Truth in the whole body image/food area.

A few months ago, I came across a spacious place, an inspiring, authentic blog written by Kendal. I love it! I soon learned Kendal has been set free from anorexia, and shares her amazing journey in her book Full.

Kendal shares “Full” is “about losing myself to anorexia and filling up again with Jesus and health. My deepest desire is that this book will help someone understand the eating disordered mind.”

Here’s an excerpt from “Full” by Kendal Privette

(ED refers to “Eating Disorder”, and the numbers are her weight)

ED Speaks
It’s too much.
Ed speaks.
I didn’t know listening was a pact.

Page 2
ed sidles up,
hissing in my ear.
sweet talking,
two pounds,
he whispers…

Page 4
Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Your works are wonderful I know that full well
total crap
I am ugly
I have a lumpy waist
stringy hair
uneven complexion
beady eyes
I am a mistake

And on and on the book goes, as we watch this 127 pound mother of two, spiral down to 98 pounds….and then….., well, I’ll let you read the book 🙂

Or listen to Kendal reading from her book “Full”. Powerful stuff! 🙂

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsnuLrFo7pg?rel=0]

When I first received “Full”, I could absolutely not put it down! Every girlfriend that came to visit sat with me as we read from Kendal’s personal journey. If you know anyone who has been impacted by anorexia/eating disorders, I would highly recommend this book. It paints a picture of the trapped mind, as well as fills the reader with hope (as we watch Kendal come back to health and victory!) Woo Hoo!!

At my request, Kendal has graciously offered to share her book “Full” with a blessed *She Sparkles* friend! (Thank you, dear Kendal!)

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For information about ordering Kendal’s book, click here.

To stop by Kendal’s blog and say hello, click here.

How has your life been impacted by stinkin’ thinkin’/eating disorders/body image stuff?? What have you found to be key in walking in *victory* in this area?? I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by *She Sparkles*. Have a wonderful, freedom-filled day!!

P.S. If you’ve not seen this powerful video on “Fat Talk”, please take just a few minutes and watch it. (Job well done, Tri Delta!)

P.S.. For more Things I Love Thursday ideas, hop on over and visit Jill at The Diaper Diaries. 🙂

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