I love to celebrate! I also love to think of simple, easy, inexpensive ways to “mark the moments” of our every day life and create fun, family traditions together.

In fact, one book I read shared that, “creating traditions for your family is definitely one of the most important things you can do to strengthen your family ties”. Wow!! So I have been praying and asking God for ideas for new traditions ~ in the midst of our crazy, busy life with 4 kids!!

A few months ago we started having “Sundae Nights on Sunday Nights”. Originally, the “Sundae Nights” just started because it was a Sunday night and I let the kids have ice cream sundaes. And then, as I was eating my ice cream, I had an idea! Suddenly I envisioned our backyard filled to the brim with family and friends enjoying ice cream and fellowship together every Sunday night. Unfortunately my husband hasn’t caught that vision yet….but we are slowly getting there!

Every Sunday Night, our family has ice cream sundaes together. It’s that simple. During the school year, Sundae Nights are a great way for our family to connect, share highlights from the weekend, and discuss important events approaching in the coming week.

During the summer, it’s a great opportunity for us to invite friends and/or family to our home. Sundae Nights are simple, inexpensive, can easily accomodate a food allergy/sensitivity, and everyone likes ice cream!!

One of the best parts….it’s not uncommon for my high schooler Jake to show up with 2 or 3 of his buddies to see if it’s time for Sundae Nights yet. I love it! My hope is that when my kids are in college, they’ll still swing home with a car load of friends on Sunday evenings to see if I still have the hot fudge and sprinkles out!!

What about for you?? What fun, family traditions help keep your family connected?? Please share your ideas ~ I’d love to hear from you!!

Picture below (L to R) ~ Amanda Bultema, Sydney Torresson, & Sarah Bultema enjoying their Sundaes! 🙂

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