Fall Pics from Natasha 020

Happy Weekend, friends!

I love FALL! I love the yummy smells, the beautiful colors, pumpkin spice coffee, the warm traditions.

And one of the main reasons….my kids have taught me how to enjoy the season!

They love jumping in leaves, picking apples, decorating our porch, football games, and more!

I am pleased to share some of our favorite family activities, plus other simple, inexpensive ways for you to make the most of your fall ~ A to Z style!!

(A quick disclaimer….I’ve tried to share ideas that you could participate in regardless of the city you live in. I’ve tried to think of inexpensive ideas ~ if it costs more than $5 per person, I did not include it on the list). Enjoy!

*Fall Family Fun ideas from A to Z*

A – Apples!! Apple orchards, apple picking, apple baking (Grand Rapids orchards & times here); OR Artprize

BBingo (Autumn bingo w/ autumn color M&M’s ~ always a kid favorite); OR Baking (great fall recipes here) OR bike rides enjoying the beautiful fall colors

CCorn mazes OR Color Tours OR Caramel popcorn (delicious, easy recipe here) OR Fall Crafts

D – Doughnuts and cider OR Decorate your front porch together (Fun kid decorating ideas here)

E – Events (tons of Fall events in our community ~ GR’s Family Fun calendars here) OR Eat out (the food court at the mall is always a fun experience for kids)
F– Football Games OR Family Fun Night ~ Invite over another family for food, fun, and fellowship

G – Game Night ~ Have everyone pick a favorite board game to play. (More Game Night ideas here)

HHay Rides

I – Ice Cream Sundae Night

J – Jump in leaves OR Jump rope (complete with your favorite jump rope songs here)

K – Krispy Kreme doughnuts ~ wait until the Krispy Kreme light is on, and then go in for your free, fall doughnut!

L – Fun with Leaves OR Letterboxing (If you haven’t tried Letterboxing before, you must! (Get started here or our family’s letterboxing fun here)

M – Movie Night (Fun Family Movie Night ideas here)

N – Nature Walk ~ Enjoy the beautiful weather with a Nature Walk! Give each of the kids a brown lunch bag with items listed on it to collect and/or discover. 

O – Enjoy the great outdoors with Outdoor Games (lots of game ideas here) OR Opposite Day (Do everything backwards! Eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast!)

P – Pumpkins! Baking & Carving & Decorating OR Pizza Party ~ Let the kids make their own pizza!

Q – Quiet time ~ Enjoy Fall Reading at home OR head to your local library for some quiet reading and/or story time activities. 

R – Rake leaves (be sure to jump in them afterwards!)

S -Scarecrow Making; Scavenger Hunt

T – Treasure Hunt

U – Underwater activities ~ Find a local swimming pool and swim, swim, swim!

V – Volunteer. Rake a neighbor’s lawn. Walk a neighbor’s dog. Pick up trash. The ideas are endless…

W – Walk! Walk to the nearest park and enjoy the beautiful colors. Or walk around the block backwards.

X – eXercise. Set up a family exercise experience!

Y – YMCA. Go to the YMCA or another local gym. Many will let you try their facility for free for the day.

Z – Head to the Zoo!

Woo Hoo!! I’m so excited for Fall!

What a perfect opportunity to enjoy our children and participate in many of the seasonal outings and activities . Let’s make our ordinary fall days “extraordinary”! 🙂

Do you have any fall traditions?

What family fun activities do you have planned this fall? I’d love to hear from you!

May your Fall be filled with much joy, laughter, and fun, family moments!!

Sweet blessings –



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