F.A.Q.’s for the 2021 Red Hot Faith Online Bible Study

Q.         Who is invited?

A.         All women who are interested can participate! Whether you’ve gone through the Red Hot Faith Bible study in the past, have never heard of it, or maybe never even opened a Bible––Cindy would love to have you join us! All women are welcome!

Q.         Is there a cost to participate?

A.         No. This is a FREE online Bible study. Your only cost will be to purchase the participants guide (if you do not already have it). Thanks to the generosity of Our Daily Bread Publishers, all who are registered will have access to the video teachings for FREE.

Q.         How will this Bible Study be run?

A. Each week you will watching the teaching video PRIOR to doing the homework. Within each chapter are five parts/daily lessons. You will want to complete the “homework” and watch the teaching video by the time of the online discussion. The online discussion will be a private Facebook Live group which you’ll be invited to join. These discussions will occur at 8 PM ET on Monday evenings. The kick-off will begin Monday, March 8th. The Online Bible Study will wrap up on Monday, May 3rd.

Q.         How long will the lessons be?

A.         Each week will have 5 daily lessons to complete. Each lesson will take about 15 minutes. The videos are approximately 25 minutes each. The online discussion will be approximately 45 minutes.

Q.         Will I see other participants during the online discussion and be able to communicate with them?

A.         No, you will only be able to see/hear the host(s) for the discussion. You will be able to respond to questions, offer your thoughts, and read other participants comments. More details to follow.

Q.         Do I need to complete all the homework in the lessons to be able to participate?

A.         Completing the questions in the participants guide will help you grow and learn the most. But you can still easily participate if you have a busy week and haven’t completed your homework. There’s always grace!

Q.         What if I don’t watch the teaching videos?

A.         Red Hot Faith is a video-driven Bible study. Without watching the teaching videos, the homework will not make much sense. However, if you miss a week, please still join the online discussion. Plus, you can always go back and watch the video later. However, please note, the videos are only available from the publisher until June 1, 2021. You may purchase them online anytime, or view them on Right Now Media.

Q.         What if I miss a Monday night and I’m not able to participate in the Facebook live online discussion?

A.         The Facebook discussions will be available for you to go through and watch, listen, or participate in even after the live discussion. 

Q.         How do I get started?

A.       1. Register for the study here. 2. Purchase a copy of the Bible study book from GEMS Girls’ Clubs,  Amazon, or your favorite local Christian bookstore. 3. Join the private Facebook group here (or search Red Hot Faith Online Bible Study). This is where we will meet together each week. Please go ahead and Introduce yourself, say hello, and check back often for free printables and downloads, and giveaways too! 4. Mark your calendar for the kick-off gathering on Monday, March 8th at 8 PM ET. Lastly, is there anyone else you should invite? Pray about it! Then get ready to have God fire up your faith!

Q.         Who is facilitating the online discussion?

A.         Cindy Bultema, author of Red Hot Faith, will be hosting the online discussion. Julie Richardson, Cindy’s best friend, will be her co-host, Plus, they may have friends join in for extra fun and surprises! 

Q.         Do I need to pay for the printables and shareables?

A.         No. Thanks to the generosity of GEMS Girls’ Clubs, all printables/shareables are offered to participants for FREE. GEMS is a global ministry passionate about girls (including grown-up girls) living strong, secure, and confident in Christ. Learn more about GEMS here.

Q.         Do I have to serve in GEMS to partipate?

A.         No. Although Cindy is the Executive Director of GEMS (and loves the GEMS ministry), this online Bible Study is being held during Cindy’s “free time.” The GEMS Board is sponsoring the Online Bible study so that more women can dig into God’s Word, and more women can learn about GEMS. Cindy is not benefitting financially from this study, and any income from book sales at GEMS will help more girls hear about Jesus and His great love.

Q.         What will the schedule be like?

A.         Here’s a copy of the 2021 RHF Online Study Schedule.

For additional questions, please email Cindy Bultema’s team at cindy@cindybultema.com. We are here to serve you!


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