Hey Friends –

I should have known what I was in for when his first word was “hockey”.

As he grew older, Jake and I would be driving around town in my little blue Ford Escort, and I would finally, out of sheer desperation, plead with my first born, “Can we please go five minutes without talking about hockey?? …

..but he couldn’t do it. It was non-stop hockey for Jake.

And heaven forbid if we’d forget to bring his Fisher Price hockey net and sticks to Grandma & Grandpa’s.

It was hockey in the morning. Hockey in the evening.        Hockey every minute of the day.

Thankfully I slowly adapted to Jake’s insatiable love for hockey.

The loooong hockey seasons. The hours and hours in a freezing cold rink, the horrible anxiety of being the goalie mom and yes, even that dreadful hockey smell. 

Hockey grew on me – and I before I knew it, I loved being a hockey mom!

You’ve seen how excited I get cheering on my guy (video recap here), listened to the lessons I’ve learned at the rink, and who can forget last year when I prayerfully decided I wouldn’t let Jake play on a travel team his senior year of high school (when he told me I was “crushing his dreams“?).

Broke this mama’s heart.

Throughout it all I’ve been praying for God’s best for Jake. Asking God to make his path clear. Open doors as only He can, close doors that aren’t from Him, and direct a path that most importantly would draw Jake closer to Him.

The past few months have been filled with tryouts, trips to Canda, late nights on the ice (who starts hockey practice at 11 PM?!), applications, and yes, lots and lots of hockey and tons more prayer.

Finally  we have an update (woo hoo!)… (shared with Jake’s permission, of course!)

Drumroll please….

Jake will be attending Aquinas College, a private Catholic college here in Grand Rapids, MIchigan!

And guess what else??

Jake’s received a 4 year scholarship to be the starting goalie for their hockey team!

Can I get a “woo hoo”?!

West Michigan friends, want to check out some exciting hockey this fall?

The Aquinas hockey team’s schedule is listed here. (Personally I’m super excited for the games against my alma mater Michigan State University – what fun!). Yippee!

Mostly I’m so thankful to God for answering this mama’s prayers! Yay God!

There were many days when I didn’t know if Jake would be traveling through Canada, boarding out East, playing locally or giving up on his dreams.  I did know if that we kept praying and listening and following God’s lead – He would make Jake’s path clear.

Friends, are you faced with an important decision? Need clear guidance? Desperate for His lead?

May these powerful words from Max Lucado encourage you today –

When men work, men work
But when men pray, God works!

May God infuse you, my friends, with His peace, hope, joy and a fresh measure of faith as you seek HIM every step of the way!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*!

Sweet Blessings –


P.S. To the other goalie mom’s out there – I recently came across this poem and can totally relate. You too??

The Goalie’s Mom – Author Unknown

I’m sure you’ve seen her at a hockey game,
Although you may not know her name.
She seldom sits with her friends or the crowd
Who get so excited and yell so loud.

The rest of the teams they can give and take,
It’s the goalie who always makes the mistake.
“Take him out” they holler “He’s a sieve!!”
“He doesn’t even deserve to live!!”

But when the contest is going the other way,
They have nothing but praise and good things to say.
“He’s stopping them all. Isn’t he great?”
“If he keeps this up, we’ll be going to state!”

When overtime comes, she can no longer stay,
But goes to the lobby and starts to pray
And cautiously listens to hear a loud roar.
She then knows that one team have now made a score.

Her heart in her throat, she peeks at the fans.
They are joyful, screaming and clapping their hands.
With a sigh of relief, she know her boy’s team has won,
So for now there won’t be any criticizing her son.

She says a quiet “Thank you God” as she starts to the door.
Today’s a happy ending, but she knows there’ll be more –
Times when the goalie doesn’t come through.
There’ll be days when she’ll brush a tear from eye
And days when she’ll want to break down and cry,

For the player with the almost impossible task.
Oh, how she loves that child from behind the mask.
Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen this lady at one time or another
‘Cause she’s a special breed, she’s the goalie’s mother.


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