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Hey friends –

Welcome back to 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

If this is your first visit — welcome, friend! Please check out the introductory post here. Grab a notebook, a pen, and let’s ask God to empower us with fresh faith and purpose.

My hope during this 31 Day journey is to explore the question, “HOW?”

How do we allow God to ignite our heart with fresh faith, purpose and passion?

This week we’ve been talking about Key # 2

Key # 2 – God’s Promises

jeremiah 209Sweet friends, if we want God to Fire Up our Faith, we must be cling to His promises — memorizing, meditating, studying, sharing, and letting the Word of God dwell richly in us.

May we be like the prophet Jeremiah and declare, “His word burns in my heart like a fire.” (Jeremiah 20:9)
That sounds up like some fired up faith to me!

But, why?

Why spend the time memorizing and meditating on God’s promises?

Before we talk about tips on “how to” memorize God’s Word, first let’s make sure we “want to.”

Because if we don’t “want to,” we’ll never devote the time and energy needed. Right?

 There are a bzillion reasons why it’s a good idea to fill our mind and heart with the Truth of God’s promises.  I love one reason Christine Caine shares —

“We need to replace the lies of the enemy with the truth of God; to do so we need to know the truth of God.”

Have you found this to be true in your own life?

True confession: I had a situation happen a few weeks ago that could have been a horrible setback — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Y’all know for many years I believed the lie that my  worth is equal to my weight. My desire to be thin nearly cost me my life. Literally. (Recap here)

After years of eating disorders, drug & alcohol addiction, and overall “stinkin’ thinkin'” — I finally have been walking in freedom and victory.

And then…this summer.

I bumped into a former friend I haven’t seen since 2008.

Her first words, I kid you not —

“Wow, Cindy, you’ve gained weight.”

Who says that? I couldn’t even believe what I had just heard.

I smiled and played it off and did the small talk thing, and when we were finished chatting I sheepishly hopped back in my truck and said to myself —

OK, what ya gonna do, girlfriend?”

Yes, I talk to myself this way sometimes. It works, try it.

Friends, I had a choice.

I could allow those words —“Wow, Cindy, you’ve gained weight”— to trigger years of pain, hurt, abuse, addiction, horrible self talk, self-defeating behaviors, you name it.

Truth be told: the “old me” probably would have gone home and thrown up and starved myself for days.

Sorry. Just being real. We do that here.


Instead, I remembered one of my favorite quotes from Kelly Minter’s No Other gods Bible Study.

“Satan will tell us what’s true, but he never tells us the Truth.”

And I thought to myself…

  • Yes, it’s true I’ve gained weight. When this friend saw me last, I was 25 pounds thinner than I am now.
  • But yes, it’s also true, during that time in 2008, I was going to the gym twice a day, wasn’t speaking regularly or serving or writing a blog or a Bible study or a book, and truth be told, I wasn’t experiencing tons of freedom or joy.

Yes, it’s true I’ve gained weight —

but the TRUTH is my weight is not equal to be worth, and the TRUTH is I am accepted, beautiful, chosen, delievered, enough, and in Jesus’ Name, I am free!

Y’all, what Satan could have used for a setback, I used as a powerful comeback to remind myself of the Truth of who God says I am.

And you know the reason I was able to do so?

I had made the pre-determined decision to fill my heart and mind with God’s promises.

Have you, friend?

If not, TODAY is a perfect day to renew your mind with TRUTH!

Today’s Challenge : Day 7 of our 31 Days.

1. Hopefully by now you’ve grabbed your Fire Up My Faith notebook. If you haven’t done so already, please jot down today’s date, and then, spend time praying, asking God to reignite a “want to” to know and memorize God’s Word.  Pray that Jeremiah 20:9 would be a reality in your life — “His word burns in my heart like a fire.”

2. Journal your thoughts based on today’s post. How is your “want to” when it comes to memorizing God’s promises? On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 – low), how high of a priority do you place on meditating on & memorizing God’s Word?

3. Are you currently memorizing Scripture? If so, jot your verse on an index card and then please share God’s promise with us.

4. If you are not currently memorizing Scripture, yippee! Let’s do this together! Please print off this free downloadable/printable set of Red Hot verse cards, and then pick one to memorize.

1 John 3:1 (verse 1) is one of my favorites. What a powerful reminder that we are lavishly loved —today.

Not will be loved, used to be loved, could be loved, will be loved if you work harder, lose weight, find a man or get a job.

Sweet sister, you are loved!

Need a fresh reminder? Sing along with Matthew West’s powerful (and catchy) “nametag” song. You’ll have 1 John 3:1 stuck in your head in no time.

5. In the comments section, please say “I’m in!” if you will join us in memorizing one of God’s promises this week, and share what verse you are memorizing.

Bonus challenge: take a picture of where you are memorizing your verse and post it on my FB page here.

Here’s some samples from Fire Up Your Faith friends around the nation–

from Erin in North Carolina

from Erin in North Carolina

from Laura in Canada

from Laura in Canada

Thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

I love journeying with you, dear friend! May His Word burn like a fire in our heart and soul, and may we live as lavishly loved women today!

Sweet blessings


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