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 Hey friends –

Welcome to week 2 of 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

If this is your first visit — Welcome! You can get caught up here. Grab a notebook, a pen, and let’s pray God fires up our faith like never before!

Our goal during this 31 Day journey is to answer the question, “HOW?” How do we allow God to ignite our heart with fresh faith, purpose and passion?

Last week we talked about Key #1 – Presence.

It’s in His presence that our faith becomes red-hot!

If we want to truly KNOW God (and not just know about Him) — we must carve out time to spend with Him. We just must. I’ve enjoyed reading in the comments section HOW (and where) you, dear friends, are meeting with God each day.

Aren’t you glad there’s not a right or wrong way, or “quiet time” rules? No way.

Back in the day when I had 3 kids in diapers (and one young travel hockey player), my “quiet time” was pretty non-quiet. Often times I met with God in our mini-van, or in the hockey rink parking lot, or on the bathroom floor. No kidding.

It’s not our time of day or location or pretty colored pencils that matters as much as our heart. A heart desiring to climb “up the mountain” to meet with God, spending time in His powerful presence is one of the keys to a fired up faith.

And now for Key # 2 (insert drumroll…..)

Key # 2 – Promises

Sweet friends, God’s promises from the Bible have the power to transform us from the inside out. Guaranteed.

If we want God to Fire Up our Faith, we must be women of the Word — memorizing, meditating, studying, sharing, and letting the Word of God dwell richly in us.

Now please don’t check out here.

I’m not saying you need to go to seminary, know Hebrew or Greek, understand everything the Bible says, have grown up in the church, or need to carry your thickest Bible around with you everywhere you go.

But —

“There’s nothing like the written Word of God for showing you the way to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another—showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17 MSG)

Sweet friends, living and walking in the Truth of God’s promises can change our life.


If you have spent anytime around me, you know how passionate I am about memorizing Scripture.

I’m not kidding – my life has been TRANSFORMED because my mind has been TRANSFORMED – and that has come by renewing my mind with His Word.

If you are struggling with areas of defeat, discouragement, or just feeling “stuck” – God’s Word works, I promise!

Today’s Challenge : Day 6 of our 31 Days.

Chili pepper1. Hopefully by now you’ve grabbed your Fire Up My Faith notebook. If you haven’t done so already, please jot down today’s date, and then, spend time praying for God’s help and guidance as you seek Him for a fired up faith. How is your faith these days? Smokin’ hot? A hint of heat?

Journal your thoughts. Ask God to remove any distractions getting in the way of your relationship with Him.

2. Are you currently memorizing Scripture? If so, jot your verse on an index card and then please share God’s promise with us.

3. If you are not currently memorizing Scripture, yippee! Let’s do this together! Please print off this free downloadable/printable set of Red Hot verse cards, and then pick one to memorize.

1 John 3:1 (verse 1) is one of my favorites. 1 John 31

4. In the comments section, please say “I’m in!” if you will join us in memorizing one of God’s promises this week, and share what verse you are memorizing. 

Bonus challenge: take a picture of where you are memorizing your verse and post it on my FB page here.

Here’s some samples —


God’s promises by the kitchen sink


God’s promises on the way to work

Thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

I love journeying with you, dear friend! Fired Up Faith can and will be our reality, friends! Woo hoo!

Sweet blessings



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