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Hey Friends –

Welcome to 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

If this is your first visit you may want to get caught up here. Thanks for stopping by! I’m am glad YOU are here!

So far we’ve started a Fire Up Your Faith notebook  and we’re praying God starts a fire in our soul like never before!

Chili pepperWe’ve reflected on our faith journeys (and I disclosed the good/bad/ugly/near-death parts of my personal story), and I’ve shared if God can do a miracle in my life — He can do it for you (or any of your loved ones) too!

Wherever you are on your faith journey, God can ignite you with fresh faith, passion and purpose.

But, how? How do we allow God to ignite us with fresh hope and fire up our faith?

Key # 1 – Presence

It’s in His presence that our faith becomes red-hot!

Mountain 003I hope you’ve have a chance to spend time “up the mountain” getting to know God in fresh new ways.

If you haven’t yet, print off this free downloadable/printable Fire Up Your Faith Bookmark. I’d encourage you to spend this month refreshing your memory of Who God is and what He can do.

We can’t spend time in His Presence and not be changed.

I don’t know about you, but I love hearing how God transforms lives from the inside out. My friend Amelia often says, “Stories make things stick.”

Isn’t that the truth?

During this 31 Days journey,  I’ll be sharing the powerful stories of some amazing fired-up women!

Today we’ll start with my friend Jennifer Wynn Stoll.  Let’s just say the woman is RED HOT! I’ve never met someone as fired up about sharing Jesus with others! She’s awesome!

As you listen to Jennifer’s story, reflect on what we’ve discussed. Be listening to how she went from “a hint of heat” to “on fire,” as well as how “spending time in the presence of people” impacted her daily decisions, and where she spends most of her time today.

Here’s Jennifer —

Isn’t God awesome?! I love hearing faith stories!

What stood out to you from Jennifer’s story?

In the comments section, I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights. Share with us please!

And be sure to stop by tomorrow — it’s my first Fire Up Your Faith giveaway. You won’t want to miss it!

Thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith, friend!

blog buttonMay God open your eyes, ears, and heart to all He has in store for YOU!

Sweet blessings



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