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Welcome to Day 29 of 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

If this is your first visit — welcome! You’ll find an intro and previous posts here. Grab a notebook, a pen, and join us in praying God kindles fresh faith and passion in hearts and lives all across the world!

We sort of took a “detour” from my original 31 Day plan this week, friends.

You should know I read every note/email/FB message that comes my way. While my schedule doesn’t allow for me to respond to all — I listen, I cry, I pray for you.  Thank you for trusting me with your frustrations, heartbreak, tests, trials, and pain. Thus the reason I sensed I needed to be completely honest with you.

Please don’t let my cheerful smile cause you to think I’m just coasting through on my personal faith journey.

  • Is living with fired up faith easy? No way. Not in this hurting, broken, and fallen world.
  • Does it take work on our part? Yes, we must be intentional, friends.
  • Is fired up faith possible regardless of our circumstances? You betcha!
  • Is it worth it? Absolutely yes, friends.

So how do we do it?

How do we live with fired up faith in a world filled with chaos, challenges, and a culture that constantly screams we’re not ___________ enough (Fill in the blank: not good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, thin enough…)

We’ve looked at 4 out of 5 keys I believe we desperately need to live with Fired Up Faith —

1. Presence
2. Promises
3. Purpose
4. Power

Before we get to Key 5, I want to share what I think of my “secret weapon.”

Because let’s be honest, if we’re going to live victorious, faith-filled lives, we’re gonna need all the help we can!

A few weeks ago I shared a story of how I made the pre-determined decision to fill my heart and mind with God’s Truth-filled promises.

Thankfully when a friend said something about my weight — which may have been “true” but not “Truth” — I was able to discern the difference. What could have been a major setback became a victorious comeback. Thank You, God!

But what happens on those days we’re not able to discern the difference.

What do we do when the lies are screaming so loudly, we believe and receive them as true?

When we’re so stuck in the muck, it’s hard to experience God’s presence, believe His promises, think we have purpose, or plug into God’s power?

We ask for help, friends! We call our Godly, faith-filled, Truth speaking girlfriends!

A few months ago I was in a low spot. I had to watch video footage from my Bible study Red Hot Faith for final edits — which meant watching me on Youtube for hour and hours.  (Does that sound fun for anyone? NO!)

I ended up sharing on FB —

1 Capture

Within moments my cell phone beeped and I received this text from a faith-filled girlfriend.

It read –


I don’t have to tell you how that text message hit me, right?

I cried like a baby. What beautiful, Truth-filled words my weary, insecure soul needed to be reminded of that day.

How about you, friend?

Who is speaking Truth into your life? Are you allowing the “crazy head” thoughts to creep in, or are your reminding yourself of the Truth of who God says YOU are?

Please say you’re not letting fear get in the way of your living with fired up faith? Or do you also need a fresh reminder to “Do your thing with God, lady.”

Go back and read that text again, but this time allow the words to be FOR YOU.

My friend won’t mind, trust me.

Start with, “Don’t you dare spend one minute tearing yourself down yourself” and keep going. Because it’s true, friend.

You are amazing.

He is amazing.

If we’re going to live with fired up faith, we must surround ourselves with Truth-speaking friends — and then be that voice of encouragement to others too!

Who can you call and remind them how amazing, loved, and valued they are?

Why not put your fired up faith into action and be a voice of Truth today!

Today’s Challenge : Day 29 of our 31 Days.

1. Grab your Fire Up My Faith notebook. Jot down today’s date, and then, spend time praying, asking God to reignite a “want to” to live with fired up faith. Ask God to reveal anything getting in the way of the free, full life that is yours in Christ.

2. It’s time for a faith check-up! It’s been awhile since our Fire Up Your Faith adventure began. If you were to take your spiritual temperature today, what would it be?

Chili pepper

Review your Fire Up Your Faith thermometer from Day 1. Has your spiritual temperature increased? In what ways?

3. Do you have 2-3 Godly girlfriends you can call when you need a fresh reminder of Truth? Spend time thanking God for your girlfriends. You may want to send them a note to thank them for their impact in your life. Be specific in letting them know how they impact you.

4. If you don’t have 2-3 Godly girlfriends, spend time praying and asking God to provide Truth-speaking friends for you.

Now for the Fire Up Your Faith giveaway

Five blessed readers who comment will receive the following:

A to Z Truth cards

A to Z Truth cards

One of my Red Hot Faith A to Z packs of Truthcards!

In order to be entered to win, simply leave a comment sharing your favorite part of 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith so far.

Has something stood out to you? Have you used any of the printables? Watched any of the videos? I’d love to hear from you. Extra entry for sharing this post on FB or Twitter (leave a comment letting me know).

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 5th.

Sweet friend, thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

I love journeying with you! May His Truth dwell richly in us, and may God use His promises to transform us from the inside out!

Sweet blessings




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