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Hey Friends –

Welcome! If this is your first visit — hello, friend! You can begin the 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith here. Thanks for joining us on this power-filled faith journey!

Let’s start with a quick review of the 4 Keys we’ve learned so far to Fire Up our Faith!  (If you’ve been following along, see if you can recite the keys without looking)

  • Key # 1 — Presence

  • Key # 2 — Promises

  • Key # 3 — Purpose

  • Key # 4 — Power

Sweet friends, here’s the bottom line:

As followers of Christ, we were meant to experience power-filled, effective lives.

Am I saying a life without problems? NO.

A journey without grief or sorrow? NO.

A life of ease and comfort? Good golly, NO.

But we do NOT have to live our faith lives in our own power — trying to muster up fresh faith and passion — but instead, plugged in to God’s dynamic power.

As I shared yesterdaythe Holy Spirit gives a person the effectiveness for God’s will and God’s work to be done through Him.”

Are you experiencing a power-filled, highly effective, dynamic faith-life, friend?

Now please know, I am a fellow sojourner with you.  You remember that, right?

But of this I am sure —

When I am weak —which is daily — I remind myself — with a fresh infusion of Holy Spirit power, I can be strong and mighty and full of His dynamic power!

I have tried to live life on my own before, and failed miserably.

Lord willing, I won’t go back. 

And I don’t want you to either.

That’s why I get so fired up about women living a power-filled life!

Sometimes I just want to scream from a mountain top, “Where is the POWER??!!”

To watch beautiful Christian women living defeated, empty lives — or even lukewarm mediocre lives — thinking that’s all there is to the Christian life — breaks my heart!

Jesus desires for us to live full, abundant, effective, useful, glorious lives in Him! (John 10:10)

Oh friend, I’m not sure when this post finds you today.

  • Weary and exhausted? 
  • Feeling guilty with a full schedule and feeling like no one is getting your best?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • In the midst of relationship challenges?
  • Job concerns?
  • Financial pressures?

God’s dynamic, great POWER is available to YOU — but you must stay plugged in, connected, surrendered to Him — and then have the FAITH to receive ALL the power that He has for YOU!

You know what I think our “theme song” should be as we live full, powerful, effective, useful lives in the Kingdom?

Take a listen —

Let’s declare “He’s Got All the Power We Need” and live today like the Powerful, Fired Up women that God has created us to be!

Today’s Challenge: Day 21 of our 31 Days.

1. Grab your Fire Up My Faith notebook and head to “your chair.” Jot down today’s date and then use this “Confession for Today” by Rick Renner (one of my all-time favorite teachers!) to prepare your heart to spend time in His presence.

“I confess that the only way I can remain effective is to spend time with the Lord. I will therefore quiet myself from the commotion of life and get into the Presence of Jesus. I will settle down and plan to stay there long enough to get everything I need from Him. Staying in His Presence is not an option! It is my key to remaining steadfast and strong enough to keep on schedule and to stay on track with everything I need to do. The Holy Spirit will release His resurrection power in me, and I will be strengthened, refreshed, recharged, and empowered by God. Then I can get back out there with a fresh perspective and new energy to finish what I’ve started! I declare this by faith in Jesus’ Name!”

—Renner, Rick. Sparkling Gems from the Greek: 365 Greek Word Studies for Every Day of the Year to Sharpen Your Understanding of God’s Word. Tulsa, OK: Teach All Nations, 2003. page 995. Print.

You may even want to jot this confession on an index card, and pray it daily as you spend time in “your chair.”

2. What are the greatest obstacles as you seek to live a “power-filled” life? Share with us please!

It is a joy to journey with you, sweet sister! Remember, you go “da power!” May God use you in a special and significant way in the life of others today!

Sweet blessings



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