Red Hot Faith audience members.  Aren't they beautiful?! :)

Red Hot Faith audience members. Aren’t they beautiful?! 🙂

Hey friend –

Happy Weekend to you!

What’s new with y’all? I would love to hear what you’ve been up to these days!

And I can’t wait to fill you in on some of the crazy things I’ve been working on!

One of my main projects right now is still “Top Secret,” says the publisher. BUT as soon as I can spill the beans, YOU, my dear blog friends, will be the first to know. It’s down right quacky, I mean crazy! (hint. hint.)

Another big job I have right now is putting final edits on the study guide for Red Hot Faith. Yippee! Y’all know this has been a HUGE labor of prayer! Remember when I first asked for prayers, way back here.Red Hot Faith

And now, we are here with Red Hot Faith coming out in the Spring (check it out – here). Only God!

So my task this week has been to edit the study guide based on the transcripts of what we filmed in front of an audience a few weeks ago. (Remember here?)

Do you know how weird it is to read transcripts of all your messages? It’s crazy!

The poor people who had to transcribe all my work. Bless them. (If you’ve ever heard me talk, think about it. Would you have to write down all my words. Whew!)

Here’s a few samples of what they’ve done….

(Samples from the actual transcription…..)

we can be mindful that He loves us. He loves us. He loves you. And nothing can everate…and nothing can ever separate us from that love. Flip with me to that…16:48:20  (Off-camera conversation)

Everate? What kind of word is everate? I think the off-camera conversation was the producer asking me what in the world I was talking about!

Here’s another….

tran…I’ll…I said it before, and I’ll say it again. My life has been transformed because my mind has been transfirmed. (ugh) 16:39:37

This one cracked me up to see that they actually transcribed when I said UGH. I said UGH because I knew my misspeak for the word “transformed” meant I was going to have to start over again. Ugh!  LOL!

One more… 

…He loves us. He loves us. In fact, flip back one last time to our foundational passage, Revelation 3:14 to 22. (pause) You know, I just love in Revelation 3, verse 19, where Jesus shares with the church, the lukewarm church, and yet He says, “Those whom I love.” Or in the Amplified Bible… “Those whom I dearly and tenderly love.” 16:53:49  I mean, is there anything more beautiful than to this lukewarm, self-absorbed, self-sufficient church that Jesus is so disgusted He’s about ready to vomit them out of His mouth, but yet, He says, “Those whom I love….those whom I love.”

….And I think we need to remember that nothing can separate us from God’s love.16:54:15 But in case you’re thinking “But you know what, Cindy? If only you knew what I did.” Or “if you knew what had been done to me…”. Remember, He knows. He’s intimately aware of the situation. 16:54:28 He knows about the abuse. He knows about the affair. He knows about the addiction. He knows about the bulimia. He knows about the credit card debt. He knows about the divorce. He knows about the eating disorder. He knows about the fear. He knows about the prayerlessness. He knows, He forgives, and He loves.

16:54:46 So can we just settle that issue here today that nothing can separate us from God’s love. Nothing. He loves you not more when you lose the weight, or when you have more quiet time, or will love you more if you just could memorize mor…mo…not will love you more if you memorize more verses. And it’s not that He used to love you before you were fired, and now He just doesn’t. 16:55:11 He loves you, and nothing can separate you from that love…..

He loves us. So can we just settle that issue here today, and leave knowing that we are dearly, lavishly loved daughters of the Lord God Almighty. 16:55:59

Friends, I needed this reminder, today. Needed it bad. And I wonder if you do too?

He loves us. He loves us. He. Loves. Us.

Even when we talk crazy talk. Even when we’re not perfect. Even when we don’t feel it. Even when we get our feelings hurt. Or we’re overwhelmed. Exhausted. Dreading the holidays and all the “busy-ness” that comes with it.

He loves us.

And that’s not crazy talk…but it is some good news!

I’m putting on the name tag “loved” today. Will you join me? Nametags

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles,* my dearly loved friend!  Enjoy your weekend!

Sweet blessings,



P.S. Here’s some video highlights from the Red Hot Faith filming. Thankfully, some of my words made sense – whew!


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