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Cindy & Carol

Cindy & Carol

I’m so excited….Carol Kent’s Speak Up Conference is coming to my city again this June. Woo Hoo!

You may remember how God has used this powerful conference to significantly grow and empower me over the years. And now is a huge JOY to serve as a workshop leader and speaker coach. I love it!  

I’ve also met MANY amazing speakers/writers/bloggers from around the country, and our friendships continue to flourish despite the distance.

As we approach this summer’s conference, I’d like to share some of my “Speak Up” friends and their work with you!

Today meet my beautiful friend Jenn Hand. Jenn is one of the most joy-filled people I’ve met. She smiles constantly, laughs often, and radiates Christ’s love always.

Jenn & Cindy

Jenn & Cindy

Here’s Jenn….

I am so honored to post here on Cindy’s blog. The first thing that drew me to her and her blog was that she literally glows and sparkles for the king.

Then I got to meet her in real life… and she sparkled even more. I just felt Jesus all over her and oozing right out of her—in a let’s get out the confetti and celebrate life sort of way of course (bring on the confetti wand)

Speaking of confetti and celebration, I would love to chat with you, my new friends, about Coming Alive.

Just recently I was packing up some things at my parent’s house. Granted, I have not lived at home in years, but I kept all my I just can’t bear to give up those memories there tucked away in a thing called a hope chest.

So many fun treasures. Like notes written to name changed to protect the innocent boy Tom who I thought I would marry in eighth grade. Notes where I had scribbled his name and mine together with hearts and never had the guts to give them to him. You know what I am talking about.

Yearbooks with pictures of my very , shall we say not so cool years. Report cards that showed how I never was able to go to recess because I was always in trouble for talking. And dried flowers.

Dried flowers that used to be alive. Saved to capture the moment when I had those flowers. But no longer full of life. Simply dry memories of a times that were.

Those flowers represented moments that had been alive: corsage at prom (where I paid my date to go but oh well), flowers given by my Dad at graduation, my sister’s wedding flowers.

These alive moments suddenly did not look so alive in dried up dead form.

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling that way spiritually. We get caught up in the nine to five. The paying bills, fixing lunches, getting the minivan packed full of children from here to there.

We start to numb ourselves and wonder where the John 10:10 “I have come that you may have life and life abundantly” life is.

What used to look alive no longer feeling alive, but maybe dried up and dead.

Can I encourage your heart today. Come away with Jesus for a moment. Steal away in your mundane. In your common. Invite him in. Think about something that makes you come alive? Is it a coffee break? Is it a bubble bath? A hike, a family game night, cooking a new recipe.

Do something that makes you come alive, and recognize Him in that moment.

Come awake. Come alive. Come.

I wjenn handould love to pray for you in your coming alive journey. Also check out my newest devotional, 31 Days to Coming Alive a 31 Day Devotional adventure designed to take you on a journey of connecting in a deeper way with Jesus. Each day contains scripture for the daily theme, heart work to connect your heart to Christ, and an invitation to Come Alive.

— Jennifer Hand, founder of Coming Alive Ministries, author of 31 Days to Coming Alive.

What a refreshing reminder, Jenn! I don’t want to live numb, dried up, or dead — I want to be fully alive! Thanks for sharing such a great visual with us!

I’d love to hear from you, dear friends!  Let’s have a conversation based on Jenn’s thoughts and questions. How do you keep your relationship with Jesus fully alive?  What get is the way of you experiencing the John 10:10 abundant life? Share with us please!

Thanks so much for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have a wonderful, refreshing week! I thank God for you!

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