ada Christmas 2014Hey Friends —

If you were going to pick one word to describe your Christmas season thus far, what would it be?

  • hopeful
  • peace-filled
  • fun

Or if your December has looked like mine, the word you might pick would be more like…

  • messy
  • different-than-expected (trying to make it into one word — smile)
  • chaotic

I won’t bore you with all the details, but life is pretty messy at my place these days.

We’re in the midst of a roof project (and four of our bedroom windows are currently boarded over while they work on the roof. Lovely).  The furnace man said yesterday our furnace pipes are rusted and need to be replaced — for only $1800. Oh, and did I mention someone ransacked through my car the other night, and I still have a fall flag hanging on the porch.  My email inbox is like a overgrown, weed infested garden, and I’m in the middle of a huge writing project that is due before the new year. And my firstborn Jake is going to be in Vietnam this Christmas. 🙁

But the good news, friends. I have peace. A whole lotta peace.

And you can too.

You see, if we look back at the first Christmas, it was not “Pinterest perfect.”

The first Christmas was lonely, stinky, disappointing, dirty, messy—and our lives will be too.

But the really good news—God is with us in our mess.

Christmas mess

Will you go back and read that out loud?

Good news, right friend?!

I had the joy of sharing a message this season about keeping our peace this Christmas season. You can watch my teaching in its entirety here —


Ada Bibe Church 2014 Christmas Message by Cindy Bultema


Friends, are you faced with a mess today?

Are there parts of your life that are lonely, stinky, disappointing, or dirty?

Do you need a reminder that God is absolutely Trustworthy and True? I’d be humbled to pray for you. And what if we both committed to –

A – Always starting our day with Jesus

B – Breathing in peace, and breathing out our frustrations, disappointments, and unrealistic expectations

C – Choosing Peace

Despite our circumstances, let’s allow Peace to rule and reign our thoughts and lives.

I’m willing if you are!

How have you experienced peace in your messy moments? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for stopping by *She Sparkles* dear friend!

May your weekend be filled with oodles of peace, joy and  life-giving moments!

Merry, messy Christmas!


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