Last evening our family went to a Celebration in honor of our dear friend, Tom Torresson. You may remember Tom’s story….on March 30, 2009, Tom (who is only 39) sufferred a massive heart attack. The details of that day are frightening ~ Tom was without oxygen for over 30 minutes, received 40+ shocks to his body, and came VERY close to losing his life. PAINFULLY CLOSE. Tom’s wife Jen is one of my closest friends, and when she arrived at the hospital (after following the ambulance transporting Tom) she was ushered into a private room and told to prepare for the worst. Can you imagine?? (Tom and Jen have 3 young children)! March 30, 2009 was a day filled with shock, despair, disbelief, many tears and a TON of prayer!!
By the grace and goodness of God, Tom survived his heart attack. (His cardiologist had given him a 5% chance of making it). We witnessed a miracle! It has been amazing to journey with the Torresson family through this experience, and see first hand the power of prayer! Tom’s Care Page journaled families praying from coast to coast for Tom’s healing ~ from California to Virginia, Florida to Michigan and everywhere in between. God’s healing POWER has been on display for the whole country to see! Tom is recovering well at home, and the body of Christ is surrounding their family with meals and prayers and love!

As we were driving to Tom’s Celebration last night, my little Sarah asked if we were going to sing a song to Mr. Tom. What a good question! So I asked her what song she thought we should sing to Mr. Tom. Sarah replied, “How about…’Our God is an Awesome God’??” Can you think of anything more appropriate??

This is honor of you, Tom…

Our God is an Awesome God

Who reigns from heaven above

With wisdom, power, and love

Our God is an Awesome God! 🙂

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