Hello friends 🙂 I’m super excited to share with you a major, surprising #plottwist in my journey. Woo Hoo! First, some history:  As you know, I’ve spent the past two years preparing, writing, teaching, and traveling to Greece for my book Live Full Walk...

I’m So Sick of the “F” Word!

Mark your calendars! July 28th starts a week long, red-hot launch week! Grab your confetti — it’s time to celebrate! Prizes, giveaways, surprises, & more! Woo Hoo! Hey Friends! A good friend bumped into me while I was out and about last week. After a few minutes...

My Fruit Diet

  Hi Friends! In honor of the New Year and so much talk about resolutions/weight loss/diets , I’ve decided to share part of my journey of living free from the scale. Enjoy this repost on my dreaded “weight topic.” As you know, my weight has been...
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