Hey friends! Happy Weekend to you! I’m joining my friend Michelle today for some Caffeinated Randomness. I warn you in advance ~ my thoughts are scattered, random, and I’m a little ticked about some stuff…(but I also have a fun GIVEAWAY ~ so please stick with me)!

So first, thanks for your grace as I vented this week about Fat Talk and how it’s driving me crazy! Even this morning, one of my favorite Bible teachers (who is a thin, healthy, beautiful women) shared that she has been eating so much this week she is now Fat. Really? You’re fat? How does that make all of the women larger than a size 6 feel? Lord help us all!

Also, on a sad note, remember the post I shared about the French model Isabella Caro (who recently lost her battle to anorexia). Yesterday I learned that Isabella’s mom committed suicide. Their whole journey is so tragic. 🙁 May God bring healing, comfort and health to their family during this difficult time.

Personally, this week someone broke into my husband John’s truck and stole his briefcase, which was filled with many important papers, backup computer files, etc.. Ugh. (Fortunately they didn’t use the garage door opener, esp. since we forgot to lock the door from the garage to the house ~ thank You, God!)

John has spent the last few night searching dumpsters in our area to see if he can find his briefcase. (If you live in our neighborhood and saw John “dumpster diving” this week ~ that’s why – smile!) We’re praying for a miracle!

On a lighter note (whew!) ~ I have spent the week knee deep in God’s Word, preparing my Red Hot messages for the upcoming Red Hot for Jesus retreat sponsored by Sunshine Church in Grand Rapids. I’m so excited!!

The retreat is this February 25th & 26th. I’ll be sharing Friday evening, as well as 2 messages on Saturday. I just love, love, love the *BRILLIANCE* of the Bible ~ and can’t wait to share what I’m learning!

I get so fired up thinking about the huge impact a group of Red Hot, passionate, powerful women could make for Kingdom purposes in this lost, hurting, and broken world! Woo Hoo!

And, guess who is the Worship Leader for the Red Hot retreat?? Erica Simpson! Have you met the gifted, beautiful, amazing Erica?? You will love her! She’s been sending over samples of some of her song selections ~ and can I just say they are AMAZING! 🙂

Here’s a quick little promo for Red Hot with Erica (on the left), Cheryl Bauer (from Sunshine’s retreat committe) and me 🙂 As you know I “dislike” the video camera, but since we’re all friends here at *She Sparkles*, I’ll humble myself and share… 🙂

Lastly, the generous Retreat Committee of Sunshine Church has given me a Red Hot retreat ticket (value $40) to GIVEAWAY to one blessed *She Sparkles* reader. Yippee!!

To Win my *Red Hot* Giveaway:

Leave a comment in the comment section answering this question:

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for women living *Red Hot* for Jesus??

RULES: Starts today, Friday, January 21st and ends Monday, January 24th at 9 PM. Winner will be contacted via e-mail.

Extra Entries:
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Please be sure to leave me a comment to let me know your extra entries.

If your email address is not connected to your ID please leave your email address with your comment or email it to me at cindy.bultema@comcast.net with the subject “Giveaway”.

Out of State friends ~ if you live out of state (or just know you won’t be able to attend the retreat), feel free to enter the GIVEAWAY (just let me know you will not be able to use the ticket). I’ll randomly pick one “non-attender” and send you a Red Hot retreat package after the event ~ complete with DVD’s from the weekend, retreat notes, etc.. What fun! 🙂

Whew! So what have you been up to this week? What’s on your calendar for the weekend?? I’d love to hear from you!!!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have a wonderful, joy-filled, FUN weekend!

Sweet blessings~

P.S. Did I ever tell you when I’m in the midst of a huge writing project I cook/bake a lot?? It’s crazy, I know… My family has enjoyed cider-glazed stuffed pork roast, homemade twice baked potatoes, roasted pork tenderloin, banana chocolate chip bars, and so much more! I need more recipes 🙂 Share with me please!! 🙂

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