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Happy Friday! Years ago I joined other bloggers for “Caffeinated Randomness” — a weekly chance to reveal random happenings and updates. My thoughts are definitely scattered, unsystematic and random today!

Enjoy this 2014 version of Caffeinated Randomness!

Manda's 11th Birthday

Manda’s 11th Birthday

**Thanks for your kind words and encouragement for Manda and her Honors Choir try-outTry-outs continue for students today, so I’m guessing Manda will receive word next week. Manda said she was very nervous, but she felt like she did “ok.”  I say she wins a badge of courage for even giving the try-outs a try! 🙂

I promise to keep you posted — either way. Thankfully we had a blast celebrating her birthday (and my dad’s too) last night!

r_u_hot-round (2)**I am packing up and heading to Maranatha Bible Conference Center to teach Red Hot Faith this weekend. Yay!  I’d love your prayer support!  Pretty please?

**I’m also heading into a very busy month of speaking. I’d love for our paths to cross. (See schedule here) I’d love to meet you, friend!

**Can you believe Red Hot Faith releases in May? Woo Hoo! The amazing, gifted senior editor of this project made a little “sneak peek” for you to view. Y’all know how I get fired up about women wearing the wrong “nametags,” right?  Here’s a little clip from Session 6 from Red Hot Faith —

Take a closer look at Red Hot Faith here.

**Lastly, want to see the difference prayer makes? Check out this awesome text I received today from a faith-filled friend I met at a Red Hot Faith Conference last fall. (This note is shared with her permission — emphasis mine)

Hi Cindy, Prayers with a faithful pure heart really work. Me and my husband continued counseling for a good 4 months and we are doing great. He is changing his words when we do have arguements and you know what there has been change with me too. I was not just him who needed change it was me too. God is so good.

We are starting a life group and we are leading, its on addiction. it starts tonight. We are so excited, nervous but very excited. God is working in our lives and he has things and work for us to do and we are listening!!!

Of course when we were first approached on this class by our church I was not for it but I have to do Gods will and help others with addiction. I have to use my testimony and not just have the testimony.

Our GOD is alive and he is listening, all the time. I also asked him to move anything that was in the way to getting closer to him. Whatever was in between me and him, I wanted it removed. Cindy, THAT WAS THE BOLDEST PRAYER I have ever done in my life. I was literally shaking. Because you know that could of been anything like my house, or a trial. But the words came to me and I said them almost shouting it out loud.

I love you Cindy you are a great person and thank you for caring for your sister in Christ, thank you for praying for me.

Friends, don’t you love it? Our God is alive and He is listening, all the time!

How can I pray for you? What is it that you need?

    • Fresh faith
    • Strength
    • Joy
    • Hope
    • Self-control
    • A new nametag

I’d be so humbled to pray for you! None of us have it all together, but all of us can pray and encourage each other as we walk out our faith journeys day by day by day!

Thanks for stopping by for “Caffeinated Randomness.” May your weekend be filled with an abundance of love and laughter and all your favorite things!

Sweet blessings,




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