Hi Friend!

If we were sitting knee to knee or through a screen with our favorite beverages in hand, how many cups do you think we would consume as we shared all the stresses and messes that have impacted our lives since the pandemic?

Can I keep it real? I may need to measure my coffee intake by pots instead of cups!

Friend, my sense is almost every part of our life has been turned upside down in some way. Most of us don’t even get groceries in the same way anymore! However, notice I shared “almost every part” has been impacted, but not everything. Because the Bible is clear about one thing that cannot be shaken—no matter the circumstances, challenges, COVID-19, or a chaotic culture. God’s Kingdom is unshakeable, always.

I love the powerful promise found in Hebrews 12:28:

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.

We are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken! This is the capital “T” Truth that provides strength and stability to us on even our hardest and most confusing of days. Since God’s promises are unbreakable, our stand can be unshakeable. And we’ve been called to live as ambassadors of an Unshakeable Kingdom while living in the midst of a shakeable world. 

Sister, the shakes and quakes will come. It’s clear. God doesn’t promise that they won’t. In fact, He says the opposite. Seasons of shaking should not be surprising. 

Now please know I’m not trying to minimize the impact of the shaking. I think we’re all ready for a breather, but I am saying, based on the authority of God’s Word, we don’t need to be fearful or without hope. We can worship Him with joy. Because in Christ, our foundation is secure. We are part of God’s Unshakeable Kingdom.

As we reflect on the 2020 pandemic and look forward with big questions about 2021, it may not look like what any of us would have planned. But since God’s promises are unbreakable, our stand can be unshakeable. Though we are isolated, He promises that nothing can separate us from Him. In the challenges, He gives courage and confidence that He is enough and we are loved. 

Friend, is there a fear that has left you stuck instead of standing on truth? In what area of your life do you feel more shaky than secure?

May God give you eyes of faith to see Him, even in –– especially in –– the shakes and quakes of this shakeable world.

Friend, you are receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken. Be thankful, and worship your Unshakeable, Awesome God with reverence and awe.

You are loved!



P.S. Need a fresh infusion of faith in the hard season? Join us for Red Hot Faith ’21 online beginning this March 8, 2021. All women are welcome. Details here. 🌶🥳

You are invited: Let’s THRIVE in 2021!

Hello dear friend 🙂

Happy 2021! How I wish we could share a cup of coffee and you could fill me in on your 2020—the good, the bad, the character-building parts.

We have much to catch up on!

Personally, 2020 was a year filled with a few highs, lots of lows, and  many “only God” moments sprinkled in between. Here’s a quick snapshot:

  • As a mom, I journeyed alongside my 3 teens as their schools went online. My son Benj’s senior year was filled with lots of loss (no prom, a good friend died in a car accident, a summer drive thru graduation, and a cancelled Open House.) #ugh
  • Most of our trips to see my eldest son Jake in Arizona were canceled. He was not with us during Thanksgiving or Christmas. We did sneak in one fall break trip in late October. That was the only time I got to hug my son all year.
  • As the Executive Director of a global non-profit, 2020 hit us hard. I had to eliminate positions, let go of staff, and worked 80 hours/week for over 4 months straight.
  • Our dog of 12 years (Rocky) passed away rather quickly in the month of May.
  • My husband John and I sensed we were supposed to move in 2020. (Really, God?!) So our fall was spent listing a home, showing it (with two dogs), buying a new home, and moving. (And yes, we still have oodles of boxes, but we do love our new place!)
  • I turned 50 in May. Rather than a huge Mexican fiesta, my family threw a drive-by parade. (Thanks to my friends who still helped me feel very special; and for my husband John for finding a mariachi singer!)

That’s a quick synopsis. I’m still processing all that God taught me last year.

But this I know…I’m ready for 2021!

I desire to thrive in 2021, and not just survive. Freedom and fullness is our inheritance in Christ! 2020 may have thrown me for a loop, but I’ve recalibrated and ready. I’m also so grateful for a do-over!

If you know me well, it won’t surprise you to hear that my new year involves lots of Bible time and Scripture Memory work.

And this year I’ve prayerfully decided to invite you along. I’m ready to live full and walk free in 2021! You too?

Want to join me?  Please?

Beginning January 11, 2021, I will be hosting my Bible study Live Full Walk Free Online. My one desire is to grow a stronger faith, and want to come alongside other women to do the same thing. There’s no cost, and I’m receiving no financial compensation to do this. I’m just ready to live full and walk free in Christ. I wonder if you are too?

If so, friend, let’s do this!

Sign up information and details here.

My life has been TRANSFORMED because my mind has been TRANSFORMED – and that has come by renewing my mind with His Word. If you are struggling with areas of defeat, discouragement, or just feeling “stuck” – God’s Word works, I promise!

I’d love for you to leave me a comment with a quick snapshot of your 2020. And please know I’m praying for you today, dear friend. May God fill this next year with oodles of His joy, hope, faith, strength, and power. You are so dearly loved!

In Him,



P.S. The study doesn’t officially start until Tuesday, January 12th. So don’t worry, you are not too late. Check out more details here and then sign up to join the fun! It’s time, friend. It’s time!

Merry Christmas, Friend!

Hi Friend!

No matter where your Christmas plans take you this year––to Grandma’s house, a family garage party, a Zoom game night, or gathered at home with an empty chair or two––please know this Truth: you are not alone.

Jesus Christ, Immanuel, literally means “God with us.”

God is with you, friend.

God. (our Creator, Defender, Protector and Strong Tower)

Is. (Not might be, could be, should be, but He is.)

With. (with = along, amidst, beside, by, for, including, near, upon)

You. (Yes, you, friend. YOU!)

No matter what you have done. No matter what has been done to you. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice or numbed out in 2020.

This I promise you based on the authority of God’s Word, friend. God is with you.

Look for His hand. Lean into His Love.

May your Christmas be filled with oodles of His joy, peace, hope, and comfort. You are loved! And that is the capital “T” Truth!

Merry, Merry Christmas!


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