August 10, 2001

Hey Friends 🙂

When was the last time you were completely suprised by God?!

15 years ago today I was pregnant with baby #2.

Our doctor completed an ultrasound, and assured us that we were 100% having a pink-wearing, sweet little girl.

We were blessed to have three baby showers for “Baby Rebecca.” We painted “her” room in bright, beautiful colors and filled the soon-to-be nursery with pink onesies, frilly dresses, booties and more!

Soon the big day arrived!

I delivered my new precious baby (without any drugs, I might add ~ not by my choice…another story!) ~ and quickly turned to the nurse and asked…

“Does she have red hair??”

The nurse replied, “HE DOES!”

HE does????” I shockingly replied, in my just-gave-birth-with-no-drugs voice.

After the initial shock —and desperate attempt to come up with a boy name—we immediately rejoiced in God’s provision and sense of humor!

Benjamin James Bultema was born! 

If you attended Mars Hill Bible Church in 2001, you may remember Benj’s story. I was on staff at Mars Hill at the time, and our pastor Rob Bell got a big kick out of sharing with the congregation of 10,000+ the story of Benj’s birth.

I’ll never forget when Rob called the hospital soon after Benj’s birth and said, “Cindy, I told everyone at 9 AM & 11 AM services, and can’t wait to do it again at 6! Ha Ha Ha!” For many years, folks would say, “Oh, is this your baby girl? Snicker. snicker.”

That’s ok ~ God knew EXACTLY what He was doing!

Happy, Happy Birthday Benj! We love you and thank God every day for making you uniquely you —and totally sports crazy, 100% boy!

Benj Fall 2015

When was the last time you were completely suprised by God?! I’d love to hear you story!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*, my friend! I hope you’ve had a wonderful, joy-filled week!

Sweet blessings –



P.S. I love my husband John’s note to Benj today…”Happy Birthday Tiger. That’s what I called you when I gave you your first bath because you didn’t have a name yet!” 🙂

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