Be A Sparkler! —Cindy’s Behind-the-Scenes Group

sparkle heartHey Friends —

Y’all, I adore sparklers!

Even as a grown-up, I love taking my unlit, hand-held firework and holding it close to a friend’s burning-hot fire source. Before long, my flame is ignited—throwing off brilliant, colorful sparks, and my sparkler is shining bright in the darkness. What fun!

Now there’s a couple of things I’ve learned about sparklers over the years:

  • You need a source of red-hot heat.
  • The darker the night, the brighter the sparklers shine.
  • Be careful! Sparklers have been known to start wildfires!
  • It’s always more fun to sparkle with a friend or two!

Sweet friend, I’m looking for some girlfriends who desire to join me as we shine bright for Him! My hope and prayer is to watch God start an unquenchable fire that would impact His Kingdom, near and far — but I can’t do it alone.

In fact, as I head into a full season of writing and speaking, I am extending an invitation for a select few to become a part of this “behind the scenes” online gathering.  Would you want to prayerfully consider being a part of my “Sparkle Team?” Please?

The Sparkly Details:

Who: The “Sparkle Team” is a fun group of women who will receive monthly behind-the-scenes details on Cindy’s upcoming ministry opportunities and projects

What Do I Do?: Whatever God has called you to do! If you enjoy praying, please help “pray down the tracks” for Cindy’s events, family, health, etc. Some months, Cindy may ask for survey help, proofreaders, creative ideas, guest bloggers, etc.  Once Cindy’s next project is complete, she may need girlfriend “guinea pigs” to read through her book, as she did with Red Hot Faith. The options are endless, and the extra special perks will be fun!

Why: God works through prayer! What a treasured gift to have “sparklers” praying for God to ignite hearts and minds with fresh faith and passion. And if you remember from Red Hot Faith, crazy things happen when Cindy starts writing — mice, lice, illness, just to name a few of many problems the Bultema’s have encountered in the past.

How: All you have to do to become a member is sign up below. If selected, Cindy will send you email updates with upcoming events, activities and opportunities to serve.

Sign Up Here

Keep shining, friend!

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Phillippians 2:15


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