Hey Friends –

It’s hard to believe this is the last A to Z Scripture Memory 2012 update. Wow! What an exciting adventure it has been!

Almost exactly one year ago, I shared the vision for memorizing 26 new verses in 2012 A to Z style (recap here). I’ll never forget when the first day alone we had nearly 100 new families – both near and very far – committing to Scripture Memory. Woo Hoo!

I’ve loved getting updates and pictures from around the country. Here are just a few highlights..

Writing verse on mirror with dry erase marker

Andrea in Texas sent this fun idea

You may recall when I was on Spring Break, my friend JJ’s whole family was current with their A to Z verses. Check out her sweet Emma reviewing all the verses she had learned so far…

Another fun memorizing idea

A huge note of THANKS to everyone who has participated! I’ve loved seeing your pictures, reading your blog posts, cheering you on, but most importantly, I’ve loved hearing how memorizing God’s Word has made an impact for you and your family.

Yay God! Yay you!  (Picture me throwing confetti here for you!)

Me & my sweet friend Erin – cheering for YOU!

Whether you’ve memorized 1 verse, 13, or all 26 – please remember, this journey has been about progress not perfection!

In our family, some made it further than others. Trust me, not everyone made it to Z – BUT God has blessed our efforts. Watch for a fun story about how the verses impacted my son Jake coming soon…

Also, please know I apologize for not posting more towards the end of the challenge. When I started in January, I had no idea my Red Hot Faith Bible study writing deadline would coincide with the end of this challenge (plus the holidays, hockey season, etc..). Thank you for your grace!

Let’s get this Finish Line party started! I believe in starting well and ending well!  I’d love to send some goodies your way!

  • I’d love to send a festive “finish line” care package to anyone who has memorized all 26 verses! (Please let me know if I should address it to you, your family, etc..).
  • Also, if you started with us and are committed to keep going and not give up until you reach Z,  please let me know. I’ll pick 5 random friends and send a “keep going” care package to you!
  • Additionally, if you are just stumbling across this A to Z Challenge for the first time, and would like to give A to Z Memorizing a try in 2013 – please let me know. I’ll pick 5 random new “A to Z’ers” and send a Versepack to you with all 26 verses.(You can also find a complete list of the A to Z verses here.)

Yippee!  If you’ve been a part of this journey, please join the fun! I’d love for you to send your favorite Scripture memory tip, a picture, an idea, etc… Share with us please!

May God bear MUCH FRUIT from the seeds you’ve been planting in your heart and mind!

Job well done!

Sweet blessings,



P.S. A note of thanks to Verseability, who made the custom A-Z Versepack that contains all 26 of the verses for the year. As you know, the Versepacks are business card sized and perfect for carrying in your purse or pocket. Darlene is offering them for a special price of $ 5.00, plus shipping. You can order them by e-mailing: darlenedykstra@yahoo.com. Be sure to mention *She Sparkles* to get the special rate.



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