Our Egyptian Friends 2003

Our Egyptian Friends 2003

Hey friends –

I was in a publishing meeting yesterday when someone said, “Cindy, I noticed you’re posting about Egypt on FB. What is your connection?


Maha & Cindy

Maha & Cindy

I was grateful for the opportunity to share about my dearly loved friend Maha and her sweet family, who live in Egypt.

I talked about meeting Maha through my role as a Children’s Director at Mars Hill Bible Church many years ago, when I took a team to Egypt in 2003 to serve Egyptian kids (recap here), as well as how Maha and her family visited us many times over the years.

Maha & my gang 2012

Maha & my gang 2012

I spoke with Maha earlier today, and asked her how we could be praying for our brothers and sisters in Egypt.


I also told her I’d like to ask YOU, my dear blog friend, to join in praying, and could she give us ideas on how we could best pray. Here is her response – 


Dearest Cindy

1.I feel very much that we need to stand against the ways & thoughts of satan (I never put his name in capital letters!!) A Spirit of retaliation, vengeance, harming back, is spreading in the nation.

2.There is a high light on the Christians’ response to putting churches on fire, the  teachings of Jesus in Mathew 5 are being quoted in media, and that the Christians are truly showing love to those who persecute them, so pray that we maybe able to continue to live our talk.

3. Protection for Christians, their lives, homes & business, many shops & homes were looted by allies of ousted president.

4. Truth, to be revealed, justice to be exercised

5. Jesus to be seen by many, a time of revelation, my people would come to know The One &true living God.

6. Wisdom & integrity in the present leadership to steer the country .

7. God would restore the riches of Egypt once again, there would be no famine, that the Nile would once again fulfill the needs of man, land& animal.

8. Insight for the Mbs and clear eyes  to be able to know the truth and see God’s love.

9. To see His heart & have His compassion for the mbs.

Thank you, my dear friend& sister


Maha also passed along this Youtube clip so we would understand what is happening to the Christians in Egypt. Will you please spend 5 minutes to watch this eye-opening Fox news clip –

Friends, you know my heart is to never go into politics here on *She Sparkles*.

I do, however, believe strongly in the power of prayer, and know I can’t ignore what is happening to our dearly loved brothers and sisters around the world.

May I please ask you to join in praying for Egypt?

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  – John 14:14

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. I thank God for you!



P.S. Have you been to www.prayercast.com before? I love this awesome site! Click  here to learn more about how to pray specifically for Egypt.

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