Yesterday I received an e-mail from a good friend requesting prayer. My friend’s father-in-law’s health was not well, and rather than pursue other treatment options, he was choosing to have Hospice come in. My friend (as well as her close family) was sad and shocked and stunned to hear this news. My friend’s husband would be traveling to visit his dad (they live an hour away) the next day, so please pray for this visit, she asked. She also promised to e-mail later in the week once Hospice arrived and the family had more details to share.

As I was preparing for bed, my dear friend was on my heart strongly – so in prayer I asked the Lord how I could help. Bring her a meal? Watch her boys? Meet her at the Burger King play area with our kids and just listen?? “You and your family have germs, dear one” the Lord kept reminding me. “Just pray”. So I prayed and prayed and prayed for her and her family ~ and finally drifted to sleep with my friend and her family on my heart.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my e-mail first thing this morning to receive an update (written before midnight last night). Her father-in-law is now with Jesus. He passed away at 9:40 PM last night.

Today I mourn. I mourn the loss of my friend’s father-in-law. Her husband’s dad. Her boys’ grandpa. And the special man he was to so many other family members and friends. I am saddened that they didn’t have more time with him or the chance to say more goodbyes.

Today I am reminded of how short life here on earth really is. I am reminded of a phone call I received 10 years ago when I heard the words, “I’m sorry, Cindy, he’s gone”. I am reminded of the excrutiating pain that comes from the unexpected loss of those we love.

I trust God will reveal Himself to this family. I trust He will bring His comfort where there is sadness, and His hope where there is despair. I trust God will reveal treasures in the hard times, and that He will use others to be His hands and feets. I trust God will be a cloud of peace going before this dear family, and a chair of strength beneath them. I trust God knows what He is doing, and that He will make Himself known to my precious friend and her family. I trust God.

But today I mourn.
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