Hi Friends! 🙂

I received the following note in my mailbag…

Dear Cindy,
Any suggestions for 4th of July Family Fun? I would like to do some fun things, but not sure where to start. You are my “party go to expert”….

I’m so glad you asked, dear friend! I am in 4th of July planning mode (my family would tell you I get a little excited about the 4th) ~ and would love to share my family~friendly ideas with you!

I’ve already pulled out our 4th of July books. This is my favorite…..

I’ve also stocked up on 4th of July t-shirts (it’s a tradition, everyone gets a new 4th of July shirt from Target or Old Navy ~ for $4 you can’t beat it!).

I purchased cheap red, white, and blue nail polish, and my girls and I will give each other festive pedicures before the big day! ( Nail ideas here)

And how will our family celebrate on the 4th of July??
Typically, I get up early and head to the bakery for festive doughnuts (we rarely have doughnuts in the morning, so this is a special treat).

Here’s a fun early morning picture from a few years ago….

Next we head to a local 4th of July Parade. I love it!

We invite lots of friends and family, and have a mini “tail gate” before the parade starts. I bring a basket filled with doughnuts, juice, fruit, etc.. and lots of festive napkins.

For the kids, I stock a bag filled with color sheets, paper lunch bags to catch the candy (and markers for them to decorate the bag while we wait for the parade to start).

I also bring the nail polish again (and paint more toes while we wait), tattoos, leis, and mini flags. If you haven’t guessed ~ I am a kid magnet that day (and love every minute of it!!)

In the afternoon, we fill our day with …

Crafts ~ideas here or here or here

Coloring Sheets, Word Searches, Mazes ~

Games ~ Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without 4th of July BINGO with red, white, and blue M & M’s ~ here

We spend late afternoon celebrating with dear friends and family. Typically I need to bring side dishes along, so here are some of my favorite simple kid-friendly food ideas…

* Red and blue finger jello (star shaped, of course)

* Cupcakes for the kids (Fun Recipe here and here)

* Flag cake (Recipe here) Always a huge hit!

And then, of course, it wouldn’t be the 4th without fireworks!!

Whew!! What a day ~ I can hardly wait!!

Do you have any tradition or family fun ideas to celebrate the 4th?? Share with us please ~ I’d love to hear from you!!!

Have a wonderful, joy-filled 4th of July!! May I encourage you to “mark this moment” in some special way. Your kids will remember. You will remember. 🙂

Many blessings to you!!

P.S. My celebration ideas are obviously very kid-friendly. If you’re looking for more “grown up” recipe ideas, there are more great recipes here.

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