Happy New Year from the Bultema’s

Hey Friends —

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was filled with much love, joy, peace and celebration!

My past few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun activities and amazing family time—as well as intense work deadlines, journeying with good friends through grief, deep hurts resurfacing, big decisions for our kiddos, plus saying good-bye to my firstborn Jake as he heads back home to Phoenix, AZ, again. (insert sad mama tears after only a 4 day visit. Boo.)

Anyone else going through a season of both the bitter and the sweet?

I had hoped to fill you in how I survived thrived during our messy Christmas,

but instead, John is home with a stomach ache, my house is a complete disaster, and my mom thinks an animal may be living in our basement (something dumped over all of our Christmas bins while she was house-sitting for us. eeks!) —so the new post will have to wait. Bummer.

In the mean time, please know, you’ve been on my heart and mind so much, my dear friend. I couldn’t wait any longer to share two very important things I need you to remember.

1. Please know that you matter.

2. Please know that you are loved.

you are loved

In the hustle and bustle of enjoying a new year, with our exciting resolutions, fresh goals and dreams, healthy challenges, de-cluttering and the joy of a clean calendar and pure slate—

I want to remind you that you—yes, YOU!—are dearly and lavishly loved…just the way that you are.

Even though—

  • there’s extra holiday “padding” around your waist
  • Christmas decorations are still scattered everywhere
  • your words haven’t been as encouraging as you’d like 
  • you don’t have the energy for Keto, Whole 30, WW, or (fill in the blank)
  • overall your Christmas season was exhausting and you are so glad it is finally over.

Know that you matter, and know that you are loved.

Now please don’t get me wrong.

I too have a long list of healthy aspirations for 2019, and eagerly look forward to new life-giving habits.

I’m so thankful for fresh starts and do-overs.

But, whether we lose 5 or 10 or 50 pounds, organize all of our cupboards, play hours of board games, start the new job, drink the shake, eat the bacon, or commit to reading the Bible and journaling every single day—

It doesn’t increase our worth.

It doesn’t enhance our “love-ability.”

Our value doesn’t suddenly shoot up two points.

Know that you matter, and know that you are loved.

Can I be honest with you?

My feelings were hurt over the holidays, and I had some pretty sad days.

I had to remind myself of this transformational Truth over and over. Now sometimes I feel like a weirdo saying to myself, “Cindy, know that you matter, know that you are loved.”

But here’s what I’m learning, friends— 

Even if others around us don’t always get it:

We matter. 

We are loved. 

And when we finally embrace this Truth and allow it to sink into the deepest parts of our inner being, we really can live differently.

We can live free.

Take it from someone who spent nearly 40+ years trying to earn love. Always trying to work harder, lose the weight, dress the right way, have the trendy decorations or bake the right bread…it is freeing to finally rest in the Truth of what God says about us.

You matter, friend.

A whole stinkin’ lot.

You are loved.

Lavishly. Deeply. Unconditionally.

Not when you _____________  (lose the weight, have the right job, clean up the house)—but lavishly loved. Period.

Is it just me? Or do you too wrestle with allowing these Truths to shape your heart, mind, and actions? Do you live loved? I’d love to hear from you!

Sweet friend, how I pray your 2019 is a year filled with much hope, joy, fullness, and freedom.

Remember: You don’t have to earn His love. 

Receive it, rest in it, and then reflect it to everyone else around you.

You’ve been set free to live free. It’s time, friend. It’s time.

Happy New Year!

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