Praying Down the Tracks

Hey Friends!

You may remember one of my favorite quotes from Watchman Nee—

Our prayers lay the track down on which God’s power can come. Like a mighty locomotive, His power is irresistible, but it cannot reach us without rails.”

Isn’t that an awesome visual? I love thinking of a huge, mighty locomotive filled to overflowing with God’s power and blessing…and how my part—our part— is to “pray down the tracks.”

It also breaks my heart to think of a powerful steam engine—filled to the full with divine blessings and miracles—waiting patiently in the station, desiring to have rails on which to run.

Red Hot Faith guidesFIve years ago, I first asked others to “pray down some tracks” while I worked on writing my Red Hot Faith Bible Study.

Some days I could barely write fast enough to keep up with the divine “down load” I was receiving when women were praying. I never would have guessed that Red Hot Faith would become a best-seller at my publishing house, and be used by God to encourage women all around the world. Only God!

Last year I found myself knee deep in a new proposal based on the church of Corinth.

In fact, only exactly one year ago today, this was my FB plea along with this picture —

My view. Working on finishing touches for new Bible study proposal, deadline this Friday. Discussing everything from freedom to Greek prostitute footwear to sexual immorality to victory. Love, love, love what I am learning. Prayers please?

book proposal March 2, 2015

Corinth Proposal March 2015

Would you believe today my suitcases are packed, and my husband John and I are flying to Greece to visit ancient Corinth today? Only God!

Not only that, the “Corinth” study now has an official title, cover, and release date for later this year. Yay, God!

Get one of the first “top secret” peeks here —  March 2016 Newsletter

You should know this journey has not been without opposition. As I type this blog post, I have a band on my right arm to relieve my tennis elbow, a stye on my left eye, a sore throat along with a raspy voice, and a cough so annoying John suggests I wear a mask on the plane. Ugh. 

Sweet friends, as John and I prepare to head to Corinth, may I please ask you to “pray down some tracks?” I am desperate need a fresh measure of God’s power, presence and peace!

For a brief summary of what we’ll be doing in Greece and when, you can check it out here—Greece Itinerary

Most importantly, will you please pray that God would one day use this project to transform lives for His purpose and glory alone! It’s all for Him!

If you’d like to see pics while we are away, be sure to check out my ministry facebook page. I hope to post pictures of our journey as I can. I’d love to connect with you there if we haven’t already, friend.

Lastly, I hope as I share about this opportunity that it encourages YOU to step out into whatever God is asking YOU to do. You have to know that I am the least likely candidate for this God-sized task. May my story— His story— increase your faith and remind you that nothing is impossible with God!

Have an amazing, Truth-filled, life-giving week, sweet sister. I thank God for YOU!

Sweet blessings,


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