rocky ate my bracesHi Friends —

Y’all know my naughty dog Rocky can drive me bonkers.

Not long ago I really wanted to ring his neck when he ate my Invisalign (removable invisible braces). Ugh.

The good news: I learned an important life lesson from this experience. When I shared an “aha moment” from the aggravating ordeal on a live Periscope broadcast, my words seemed to really resonate with my viewing friends that day.

Here’s a quick video recap of what I —what we— can learn from Rocky’s latest occurrence of bad behavior.

If you are unable to see the video, click here.

Unfortunately Rocky wasn’t the only guilty party. If I had been wearing my invisible trays like I was supposed to, this misfortune would have never happened.  (Although it’s so much easier to just blame the mischievous dog.)

Life Lesson: If we want to be different, it requires us to do different.

  • If we want to be a woman with straight teeth, we have to do what our orthodontist tells us, not just purchase the removable trays and leave them unguarded on our nightstand.
  • If we want to be healthy, we have to make healthy food and exercise choices, not just sign up for the gym membership, pin healthy recipes on Pinterest, or purchase the fancy Lululemon yoga pants.
  • If we want to be a Godly wife or mom, we have to do things to intentionally invest in our relationships, which sometimes requires us to say “no” to other activities or time-wasters.
  • If we want to be financially debt-free, we have to do wise things with our money: make a financial plan, live on less, cut up credit cards when needed, and always remember Who our money ultimately belongs to.
  • If we want to be an author, we have to do something—pray, seek God, write stinky first drafts, and keep our bottom in the chair and keep on writing, staying off of social media when creativity is low (ok, so now I’m preaching to myself).

83e443f5a1eaf1e47f19a8fc947ecff1You get the drift.

Sweet friend, if we want to be different, we need to do different. 

I wonder where this message finds you today? In what area of your life is God calling you to be different? More importantly, are you willing to do the hard work towards being the person He desires you to be? I’d love to hear from you.

True confession: would you believe I’m writing this post without my invisible trays in my mouth?! Ugh! I’m off to find them now…..  Rocky, where are you?!

Baby steps, friends. Baby steps!

Sweet blessings,

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