HLMBlog05Hi Friends 🙂

I received the following e-mail last week —

Cindy, I know you’ve mentioned this before. I can’t imagine juggling home and ministry. I’m struggling with this very thing. I’m overwhelmed and discouraged tonight because I feel pulled and to be politically correct at church, I “feel” I must do certain things in our small group because everyone else can and are doing it. Ugh. I know the power of prayer. I’m in awe of all you do and still put John first, taking care of your kiddos, their good days and bad, crises…Sometimes I just want to quit. :))). Having a tough time and going to God, our Source and Comfort for times like these…one of those difficult days!

Sweet friend, I wonder if you have been there too? Maybe you are there right now? Here is my encouragement (via video) to this dear woman, and anyone else trying to juggle home and ministry.

As I mentioned in this very authentic video, please know I do not have it all figured out.

I’m on a journey, just like you. But the more we can be honest and realistic about what we are capable of doing, the more peace, joy, and hope we can experience in the midst of our full seasons.

Life’s too challenging on its own, much less pretending that we have it altogether, don’t you think?

I love how Beth Moore puts it —

“We can’t do all things for the Glory of God.”

Amen? Amen!

So, what season are you in right, sweet friend? How would you describe your “field”? Your cups?

What healthy habits have you put into place to live a healthy, full life? Are there things God is asking you to let go of while you pursue His purpose for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with us please.

May God guide you as you prioritize your days, may He help you say NO to good things and YES to the best, and fill you with an abundance of His peace and joy as you pursue His purpose for your life!

Sweet blessings,

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