100 Huntley Street

100 Huntley Street

Sweet friend —

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement as I prepared for my road trip for The 100 Huntley Street  TV Show interview. (Recap here.) Y’all are the best!

My Guy & Me

My Guy & Me

My time to Canada for the taping was such a blast! I enjoyed having my “assistant,” a.k.a. my guy John. (I try to rotate taking a family member with me when I travel. I love involving John and the kids with our ministry as much as I can.) We had so much fun together!

You can see our full Canadian adventure, including John’s behind-the-scenes photos from the taping here.

So how did the interview go?

100 huntley makeup

Pre-interview make-up

Interview with Cheryl Weber

Interview with Cheryl Weber

God is so faithful, friends!

He infused me with peace, a clear mind, and an ability to communicate clearly. Whew! Thank You, God!

I love sharing about what Jesus has done in my life, and y’all know I’m passionate about Red Hot Faith — so thankfully I was able to pretty much ignore the cameras and just focus on Cheryl (the very kind and gracious host). Whew!

One of the best parts?

George, the executive producer believed it went so well, he invited me to stay and film a whole extra segment. Wow!

So I finished the first segment, chatted briefly with Cheryl about what we could talk about in segment two, and then rejoined Cheryl for another full program.

What a huge blessing to share Jesus on not just one program, but two!

Thank You, God! Thank You, praying friends!

Although it isn’t easy for me to watch interviews without super over analyzing and picking myself apart — I’m working on extending the same grace to myself I do to others.

So whereas I’m not perfect (y’all know that already, right?!) — I showed up and didn’t let my fear hold me back — and that’s a huge victory! Woo Hoo!

I’ll share the video links as soon as I receive them (they are thinking a May air date). I sure don’t love passing along my TV interviews, but after all your support and prayers, it’s the least I can do!

May I ask one more favor?

Will you please join me in praying God will use these segments for His purpose and glory?!

How I am praying God uses these TV segments all around the nation to strengthen and encourage others on their faith journey. May the seeds planted bear much Kingdom fruit!

Also, may this crazy live TV adventure remind you, dear friend, our God is a God of miracles!

He can do anything, at anytime, through anyone. Sometimes He likes to show off by using the least likely — like me.

Do you need a miracle? An infusion of fresh faith? A friend to stick by you and pray you through?

Our God is able, sweet sister. Of this I am sure!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! God’s richest blessings to you!




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