My gang. Aren't they cute?

My gang. Aren’t they cute?

Hey Friends!

Remember me?!

I’m Cindy, and I’m the used-to-be blogger here!

But, guess what?! I’m back! Woo Hoo!

I’ve missed you and can’t wait to hear what YOU have been up to!

Since it’s March 10, let’s jump in and I’ll share 10 {random} things today, and then you can share too!

1. New website.

Did you notice my website has a new look? What do you think?

Brooke from Shining Light helped with the site makeover, and I couldn’t have enjoyed working with her more. I’m planning to do a fun “grand re-opening” soon, with tons of fun stuff, giveaways, etc.

(Secret: we are working on having confetti sprinkles on the site, then we’ll be ready to celebrate!) Yippee!

2. New Bible Study

Want to know another secret?

I’ve been working like a crazy woman researching, writing, and preparing to teach a new Bible study.

Can I just say —I am so super fired up about this new topic and passage of Scripture!  I’ve submitted a proposal to a publisher, and I hope they love it like I do!

Will you please join me in “praying down the tracks” for this new top-secret idea? I’ll keep you in the loop as I know more, and I’m able.

(I do have a private prayer team that receives updates, specific prayer requests, etc. If you’d like to learn more about this prayer team, send my assistant Heather a quick note at and she can fill you in. I’d be so humbled for you to join the prayer team!)

1untitled3. 10 K

I am training for a 10 K. There, I said it.

In case you are thinking, “Cindy, I didn’t know you are a runner.”

Sweet friend, I. am. not.

But, as I teach my kiddos, we do hard things.

So, this non-running, latte loving, chips & salsa eating girl has been working out with my awesome trainer to meet this crazy fitness goal.

Silly, I know. But the race is this spring on my 45th birthday, and I’m gonna get out there and try my best. (Sometimes easier said than done, right?)

Note: Please send me any/all running tips, playlists, etc… I am desperate for inspiration.

hockey fun4. Hockey Season

Y’all, hockey season is done.

Over. Finished. {Insert super sad face.}

I love being a hockey mom and cheering for my sweet boys, and immensely enjoy the families we journey alongside for six long, cold months.

In my sadness, I offered to host Benj’s team party at our home—14 families plus coaches— in two weeks. Either it’s going to be a ton of festive fun, or a disaster. I’m not sure yet (but yes, I’m praying for warm weather so all 14 hockey players can run around outdoors). I’ll keep you posted.

5. Intentional

I didn’t pick one word this year, I picked three (& I will tell you my three another day if you are curious)

But for today, in my 10 on 10 randomness, the word “intentional” is shaping ALL my decisions.

I’m living my priorities with laser like focus, and experiencing much freedom, joy, and laughter in the midst of a full season of family life and ministry.

But it also means I’m letting things go undone, which is so not easy. Things like…

  • returning emails & my FB inbox
  • coffee gatherings
  • organizing my basement
  • baking, cooking, or anything else kitchen related   (Just kidding, kind of).

But I have added tons of 1:1 time with my kids, going to bed the same time as my husband, physical fitness, extended prayer time, etc.

And not that I won’t one day tackle my long list of unanswered correspondence (promise) — but I need my priorities to dictate my schedule, rather than my schedule dictating my priorities.

Which means being intentional with every moment of every day. Any tips? How do you stay focused and intentional?

intentional 1

6.  My Empty Nest

Florida, here Benj comes!

Florida, here Benj comes!

Both my boys are gone this week. Jake is on Spring Break in TN, and Benj is at Spring Training in FL (my uncle is the pitching coach for the Houston Astros).

This mama misses her guys. I want my kids to have “roots and wings,” but good grief, it is not easy. Ugh.

7.  Overseas Trip

I’d better get used to it. Jake will be a senior next year, and he was just accepted to study abroad this fall in Spain.

I cannot even.

The good news? We celebrated with confetti.

{Turn up the volume in the bottom right hand corner for the full effect.}

Friends, confetti makes everything better.

Bultema's love confetti!

Bultema’s love confetti!


8. 100 Huntley Street

I’m thrilled to head all sorts of fun places to share my story of God’s grace and redemption. (I’d love for you to check out my schedule, and come visit. I’d love to meet you!)

On March 23rd, I’ve been invited to talk about overcoming addiction on 100 Huntley Street in Canada.  My stomach hurts just thinking about it. Yikes. :/

fun with john

Celebrating almost 15 years

9. My guy John

Boy do I love him!

We are starting to plan an anniversary celebration for our 15th Anniversary this August.

Y’all, God has done such a miracle in our marriage — we need to celebrate. My idea was to take a cruise around Ancient Corinth in Greece. So far my accountant husband is not big on my idea.

Any thoughts? Where do you think we should go?

sharable-redhotfaith-pepper10. Red Hot Faith

I super love getting cards, emails, and letters from all around the nation of women who are going through my Bible study, Red Hot Faith.

God is using this resource to change lives — young and old, near and far, seekers and longtime Christ followers.

Look at this sweet letter I received —

Dear Cindy,
This note is coming to you from a Ladies Small Group located in a retirement community in Illionis. 


Recently, we completed the study on “Red Hot Faith!”  We  applaud you for your knowledge and expertise exhibited in creating this study.  Everyone of us is paying closer attention to our “trade routes” as we gather to study the Word each week together.  We appreciated the study as it was deeply rooted in scripture, complemented by your words rich with enthusiasm within the videos, and its provision for a variety of ways to enrich our spiritual growth!


We are sending you photos of the Fiesta Celebration  we enjoyed at the conclusion of our study.  Our “red hot faith” was symbolized by our colorful table settings, a “red hot menu,” consisting of breakfast tacos, cinnamon-red apples, deviled eggs filled with guacamole, and sombrero sugar cookies! None of our drinks were lukewarm either!! We even played “pin the tail on the red hot donkey!”


Pin the Tail on the Red Hot Donkey

Pin the Tail on the Red Hot Donkey

Again, thank you so much for sharing your talents with the Christian world.  We thoroughly enjoyed our study.


Members of the Ladies Small Group from a church Illinois

Are they not so fun? Remember when Red Hot Faith was a little far-fetched secret dream. Wow.

Only God, friends. Only God!


If you have stuck with me through this 10 on 10 Randomness, bless you!

What’s going on in your neck of the world? What have you been up to? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by, my sweet *She Sparkles* friend.

You are LOVED!

Sweet blessings,
Cindy sig-01

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