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Day 19: Fire Up Your Faith! (& Meet Gwendolyn Strand)

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Shhh! I’m a day behind. Oops! Remember our goal is “progress not perfection” — smile! I spent the weekend with an AMAZING group of women from Woodside Bible Church White Lake Campus in Bay Harbor, MI. Check out my pics here for a fun retreat recap! TY for your grace!  

Hey Friends –

Welcome to Day 20 of 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

If this is your first visit, start from the beginning here. Thanks for joining us! I am glad YOU are here!

So far we’ve started a Fire Up Your Faith notebook and we’re praying God starts a fire in our soul like never before!

Chili pepperWe’ve reflected on our faith journeys, and I disclosed my personal story from addict to overcomer. If God can do a miracle in my life — He can do it for you (or any of your loved ones) too!

Wherever you are on your faith journey, God can ignite you with fresh faith, passion and purpose.

But, how? How do we allow God to rekindle fresh passion and purpose and fire up our faith?

Over the past 19 days, I’ve been sharing 3 (out of 5) Keys to living with Fired Up Faith. Let’s review what we’ve learned so far.

Blog Button600 IN HIS PRESENCEKey # 1 – Presence

It’s in His presence that our faith becomes red-hot!

Key # 2 – Promises

If we want God to Fire Up our Faith, we must cling to His powerful promises — memorizing, meditating, studying, sharing, praying His promises, and letting the Word of God dwell richly in us.

Key # 3 – Purpose

God can take our past, our present day circumstances, and even the most painful parts of our lives and use it for His Kingdom purposes. And let me tell you, friend — nothing fires up your faith like seeing God at work and bringing purpose from your past!

During this 31 Days journey, we’ve also been watching the powerful stories of some amazing, fired-up women!

Today I’m super excited for you to hear Gwendolyn Briley-Strand’s story.

As you view Gwen’s story, reflect on what we’ve discussed so far on this 31 Day journey. Be listening to how God’s Presence and promises helped encourage her in a very challenging season, and note some of the purpose revealed in the midst of her pain.

Here’s Gwen —

I wish we could gather as a group and discuss Gwen’s story together! What stood out to you from her sharing? Any new insights?

When have you cried out, “God, it’s You and me in this?!”

In the comments section, I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights. Share with us please!

Today’s Challenge : Day 19 of our 31 Days.

1. Grab your Fire Up My Faith notebook. Jot down today’s date, and then, spend time praying, asking God to help you, like Gwen, “truly learn to give everything to God — the physical, the emotional, and the financial.”

2. Gwen discovered in the midst of her hard time that God was the only One she should look to — not her husband, her family, or her friends. When was the last time you were in a hard season? Are you in a hard season now? How did/do you see God growing your faith in your challenges? How might James 1:2-4 might encourage you?

james 1

3. What Scripture promise are you memorizing this week? How is it coming? Do you almost have it?

Don’t forget: If you need a verse, print off the Red Hot verse cards, and then pick one to memorize.

In the comments section, say “I’m in!” so we know you’re join us in memorizing one of God’s promises this week!

Bonus challenge: take a picture of where you are memorizing your verse and post it on my FB page here. Yay!

4. If you haven’t already, print off this free downloadable/printable bookmark Praying God’s Promises Bookmark and then “go up the mountain” and spend time in His Presence praying God’s Word. Remember:

Blog Button promises

Sweet friend, thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith! I’m sure enjoying meeting together each day — and I hope that you are too!

Please remember: don’t let the trials change the way you see God, let God change the way you see your trials — through eyes with a fired up faith!

Sweet blessings



P.S. Want to learn more about having a fired up faith?! My Bible study — Red Hot Faith: Lessons from a Lukewarm Churchis going to be offered as an on-line study this fall! Woo Hoo!

Starting October 29th, you can participate in Red Hot Faith (including watching the DVD teaching sessions) from the luxury of your own home through Ignite Women. My super passionate friend Paulette Stafford Stamper & her team will be facilitating the online study each Wednesday night. And guess what else? In honor of Ignite Women’s national launch, they are offering free If you know anyone who might benefit from this amazing opportunity, please feel free to share. For more info membership through November 30th. Go to www.IgniteWomen.com for more details! ignite ad


Day 18: Fire Up Your Faith! (& FREE Identity Printable)

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Welcome, friend!

If this is your first visit — you can start from the beginning hereI’m so glad you are with us! I pray God ignites you with fresh faith and purpose!

Speaking of “purpose” — today’s the last day of Key # 3 as we seek to answer the question

How do we allow God to fire up our faith so that we can shine bright for Him?

purposeKey # 3 —Remember your Purpose

Sweet friend, we’ve been talking about this all week, but my sense is there is a dear friend — maybe YOU — who thinks I am talking to someone else —

That God couldn’t or wouldn’t or shouldn’t want to use you.

But here’s the good news!

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and are still here on the planet Earth — your life has PURPOSE!

  • Regardless of what you have done or what has been done to you.
  • Regardless of whether you are in perfect health or struggle with having good days & bad.
  • Regardless of how much of the Bible you know.
  • Regardless of whether you are an extrovert or an introvert
  • Regardless of whether you have been a Christian your whole life or you are just starting a faith relationship with Jesus — the Bible reminds us YOUR life has purpose!

God can bring His redemptive purpose from our past, our present day circumstances, even our pain.

But we must believe God wants to use us and step out into our calling.

And that’s where our faith comes in.

If you’ve read my blog for long, you know how for many years I allowed “stinkin thinkin” to negatively impact most of my days, and live a life of self-defeat and destruction.

I felt like a throw away girl with no purpose or promise for the future.

Even after I became a Jesus girl, I would wear false beliefs like sticky defining nametags, covered over with hurtful lies that I had picked up on along the way.

Labels such as:

  • Not good enough.
  • Not wanted.
  • Not beautiful enough
  • Bad Mom.

And yes, even Fat red cow. Ouch.

I wonder what false labels like to try and stick to you?

So how do we get free of the lies, labels, and false beliefs that have been holding us back, and robbing us of the passion and purpose that we’ve been created to experience?

The Key: Renewing Our Mind with God’s Promises

Certainly there have been many aspects and layers of my healing journey: Christian counseling. Reading God’s Word. Godly mentors. Forgiveness of myself and others. Prayer. Small group Community. Spending time with Jesus. Faithful Friends. Our Bible teaching Church.

But to live a life of purpose, I must choose to “take off” the words that hurt – including the lies and false beliefs – and “put on” the TRUTH found in God’s Word.

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self…to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. (Ephesians 4:22-24)

If you’ve allowed “stinkin’ thinkin” to rob you of your sense of purpose, how do we change this?

Y’all know I’m such a simple girl. I literally started to picture myself ripping off the lies and putting on new nametags of TRUTH – A to Z style.

  • A – I am Accepted.
  • B – I am Beautiful
  • C – I am Chosen
  • D – I am Delievered (God delivered me from a cocaine addiction in 1996, certainly He can free me from the grip of negative thinking!)

You get the idea.

In the beginning I carried my A to Z Identity in Christ Verse Cards with me everywhere I went – even to the dentist while I was getting a cavity filled!

But friend, it was so worth it. He is so worth it! It’s amazing what Jesus & God’s Word can do!

Sweet friend, we have a choice: We don’t have to live defeated any longer. We can “take off” the words that hurt us, replace them with His healing, life-changing Words, and begin to experience a full, passionate, purpose-filled life.

Can I get a Woo Hoo?

Sweet friend, let’s say NO MORE to lackluster, lukewarm living, and instead ask God to rekindle our faith and use us as we live our lives on purpose!

Today’s Challenge: Day 18 of our 31 Days.

1. Grab your notebook, jot today’s date, and then, write out a prayer to God asking Him to reveal any “false nametags” that are getting in the way of  your purpose. Ask God to help you get to the root. Who said that to you? Is it Truth? If it is not Truth, ask God to eradicate the lie, and replace it with His Truth!

2. Watch/listen to this awesome song by Jason Gray. (It’s sooo good! Thanks for sharing, JJ.) Any thoughts?

3. Print off this free downloadable/printable A to Z — Who I Am in Christ,  and then “go up the mountain” and spend time in His Presence. Starting with the “A” verse, look up a verse or two and record what you learn about who you are in Christ.

4. What gets in the way of YOU living your life on purpose? How can you take one step TODAY towards experiencing your daily life with renewed purpose? Share with us please!

Sweet friend, if we’re going to live with fired up faith, we must remember our Purpose – and BELIEVE GOD wants to use us, just as we are!

Not just use us someday — when we lose weight, the kids move out, know more Bible verses, have new matching furniture, or get our act together.


Thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith! May God remind you afresh who you are to Him, and infuse you with fresh faith as you live a life of purpose and passion!

Sweet blessings
P.S. In case you don’t want to miss a day, you can like my FB page, connect with me on Twitter, or subscribe to my blog via the sidebar. There’s 13 more days of ideas, resources, and encouragement to Fire Up Your Faith to come!





Session 17: Fire Up Your Faith! (& Grief Share video)

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Welcome, friend!

If this is your first visit — you may want to begin hereI’m so glad you are with us! May God infuse you with fresh faith, passion, and purpose!

We’re asking the question during this 31 Day journey  —

How do we allow God to fire up our faith so that we can shine bright for Him?

We’ve talked about Presence, Promises, and this week we’re discussing…..

purposeKey # 3 —Remember your Purpose

God isn’t looking for perfect women, just ordinary women — like you, like me — who are willing to let God use every ounce of our lives for His purpose and glory.

We’ve looked at how God can bring His redemptive purpose from our past (thanks, Beth Moore) and our present day, ordinary lives (even at a fast food restaurant.)

But what about our pain? What do we do with the pain of our lives?

Is there purpose in the pain?

First a disclaimer.

You have to know, when I listen to precious women share the details of their pain — the betrayal, the infertility, the addiction, the affair, the deceit, the cancer, the job loss, the intense loneliness —

My heart breaks right along with them.

Every single time.

My hope today isn’t to minimize your pain, or share a quick Christian cliché and expect everything to be all better.

If you have pain in your life, sweet friend — picture me leaning in close and whispering, “I’m so sorry, friend. You are not alone. I’m. so. sorry.”

But this I know and believe with all my heart —

God can take the most painful parts of our lives and use it for His Kingdom purposes.

I speak from experience on this one, friend.

Most of you know, in 1998 my fiance was tragically killed in a freak workplace accident. I’ll never forget sitting on my parent’s hardwood steps, looking at my pastor in the eye and wailing, “Why? Why,  why? Why would God allow this?”

My pastor’s response, “Cindy, I just know God is going to use this somehow…someway. He will bring good from this, if you will let Him. I promise.”

Now to be honest, my pastor’s well-intentioned words didn’t bring much comfort at the time.

In fact, his words made me want to puke.

Sorry, I’m just being completely honest. We do that here on my blog, right?!

I didn’t want God to use David’s death for good. I just wanted my best friend back – whole, healthy, good, alive – not some story to be redeemed someday.

My pain was so intense I could barely function, and couldn’t comprehend living life with David — much less with such extreme devastation and despair.

However, I did promise that night that I would give God my pain….every ounce of it.

533-god-can-heal-a-broken-heart-150x150My heart was shattered in a bzillion different pieces, and I couldn’t carry the broken pieces alone. I begged God to make something beautiful out of my devastated, shattered heart.

Since that time, God has mended my broken heart — painful stitch by painful stitch.

I’ve watched firsthand as God has used the broken pieces for His good purposes.

Through the pain of David’s death and the journey of grief following, we’ve witnessed –

  • MANY men, women and children give their life to Jesus Christ (including my Dad!)
  • God provide opportunity after opportunity for me to speak and share messages of hope based on my personal and painful journey through grief
  • God use my story on the Day of Discovery TV program to transform lives around the world. (Check out where God has taken “He Loves Me” here.) Wow!
  • My faith was strengthened and refined in the midst of that devastating season. Y’all know I am now passionate about women experiencing a fired up faith! (In fact, so much so I wrote a Bible study called Red Hot Faith!)

griefshare-logoAnd guess what else —

    • Last year I was invited to be a seminar expert for GriefShare.   Are you familiar with GriefShare? They provide support for individuals and families journeying through grief, and their groups are held in over 20,000 churches worldwide.

Did you catch that – over 20,000 churches?! Wow! Let’s all say in unison, “Wow. Only God!”

I’m not making this up! In fact, here’s a quick two minute video introduction for proof —

GriefShare Expert Cindy Bultema from Church Initiative on Vimeo.

Sweet friend, I’m so sorry for the painful seasons and experiences that have shaped you into the woman you are today.

But what if today was the day we gave God the broken, painful pieces of our lives and asked Him to make something beautiful out of our devastated, shattered hearts?

What do we have to lose?

“I am not a theologian or a scholar, but I am very aware of the fact that pain is necessary to all of us. In my own life, I think I can honestly say that out of the deepest pain has come the strongest conviction of the presence of God and the love of God.”  ~ Elizabeth Elliot

Today’s Challenge: Day 17 of our 31 Days.

1. Grab your notebook, jot today’s date, and then, write out a prayer to God asking Him to open your eyes, ears, and heart to what He wants to accomplish today.  Reflect on today’s post, and journal your thoughts as you reflect on God bringing purpose from your pain.

2. A Focus on the Family article shared, “Why we suffer may always remain a mystery on this side of eternity. We can, however, glean certain truths from God’s Word.”  Look up the following verses. How might you “pray these promises” for comfort, hope and fresh faith in a season of suffering and pain?

  • Psalm 18:2
  • Psalm 34:18
  • Romans 8:18
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9

Is there a verse that has brought you comfort that you’d want to share with a friend in a season of pain?

3.  Author Terry Wardle says,

“In His hands, the object of deepest sorrow can become the source of our greatest blessing.”

Have you found that to be true? How have you seen God use your broken pieces to encourage or strengthen others? Share with us please!

Sweet friend, if you are experiencing a painful situation, may I encourage you to reach out to a friend/church member/counselor today?

Ask God to give you the courage to call for help and prayer, and then, do it. God does not intend for us to journey alone.

Thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith! You are dearly loved, precious one!

Sweet blessings
P.S. In case you don’t want to miss a day, you can like my FB page, connect with me on Twitter, or subscribe to my blog via the sidebar. There’s 14 more days of ideas, resources, and encouragement to Fire Up Your Faith to come!blog button


Day 16: Fire Up Your Faith

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Hey Friends –

Welcome! If this is your first visit — hello, friend! You can start from the beginning here.  Glad you are here!

Can you believe we are over halfway finished? Wow! Please know you can jump in at anytime, or just do what you can. Our goal is progress, not perfection.

One Texas friend recently shared, “I’m enjoying the 31 days of RHF on your blog. So far I’ve written two entries in my journal, which is good progress for me.Hey, two is better than none! We are so celebrating your progress, sweet sister!

Before we dig into Day 16, let’s do a quick halfway point review —

Exodus 32-34

Exodus 32-34

Key #1 — Presence

If we want God to fire up our faith, we must spend time “up the mountain” in His Presence.

Chair view from a friend in Canada

Chair view from a friend in Canada

I’ve loved receiving emails near and far about your “chair time.” Keep the pictures coming, friends. So fun!

And if you haven’t watched the Bill Hybels video yet, I would highly recommend it. I’ve received notes from all over the world — literally — as to how this video is igniting fresh faith. You can watch it here.

av%20romans%2010_17%20imageKey # 2 – Promises

If we want God to Fire Up our Faith, we must cling to His powerful promises — memorizing, meditating, studying, sharing, praying God’s promises, and letting the Word of God dwell richly in us.

I love Romans 10:17 — “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the Word of Christ.”

Want more faith? Spend time reading God’s promises, dear friend!

purposeKey # 3 – Purpose

Aren’t you grateful the Bible reminds us our lives have purpose!

Our purpose includes to know Him, believe Him, glorify Him, and to be His witness

…even in the midst of our mundane, ordinary, everyday lives.

Here’s a story of how God used my family to “be His witness” in the midst of our everyday life. I share “Marla’s” story in Red Hot Faith Session 3.

My friend’s real name is Margo, and I share our journey with her full and complete permission. (If you’ve seen the video, you may enjoy seeing pictures of our adventures.)

“Marla” — Margo’s Story

A few years ago, our family decided we’d have lunch at Wendy’s every Sunday after church.

After a few weeks, we noticed the same woman worked the drive thru every Sunday.

It wasn’t hard for us to pick up on this. This woman – Margo – had a deep  voice, glasses that she wore down her nose, and a front gold tooth. Not to mention she was a little bit grumpy.

OK, so maybe a lot grumpy.

In fact, some of my family members (I won’t name names) started to call her Grumpy. As we’d pull up to the drive thru, they’d say, “Oh no – look who’s working today.”

So I said, “What if we started to pray for her?” The family’s response was something like, “Ugghhh” – but we all agreed to pray for Margo, and pray that God would use us to show her what He is like.

Soon we started dining inside of Wendy’s each Sunday. Margo started coming over to our booth to visit with us.

We started to become friends.
In fact, I can remember the first time we weren’t going to be there the next week (John and I were going away to Mackinac Island) and Margo said, “Be sure to bring me pictures.”

Sure enough, the next Sunday – Mother’s Day – we went to Wendy’s for lunch so we could visit with Margo and show her our pictures.

Somehow, in one of our conversations, we mentioned the gym we belong to. She said, “Oh man, that one with all the pools and that huge water slide. I’ve dreamed about going swimming there.”

Margo 1The next week, we brought in a week’s membership pass for Margo, and invited her to spend the day at the pool with us.

What a blast that was – listening to Margo on the phone calling her sister saying, “Girlfriend, you’ll never guess where I am” – and watching her go down the water slide – screaming like a school girl – enjoying every bit of it – not a grumpy bone in sight.

Our friends started coming to Wendy’s with us after church – and they would love on Margo too.

My guess is that she probably started receiving more hugs at Wendy’s than she’s ever had in her whole life.

We learned of some of Margo’s financial needs and asked our community of friends if they would like to bless her. Anonymously Margo started receiving gas gift cards, and grocery gift cards to help fill in that financial gap. When Margo’s car broke down and she needed a ride home – she called us – we were her new family.

One night I was having a home party, and I sensed God say, “invite Margo.”

I’ll be honest – I wrestled with that one. “God, it’s one thing to go visit her or give her a ride, but to invite her into my home, with all my friends…”

I was soon convicted of my pride – and that night, at my home, one of my dear friends led Margo to the Lord and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

Margo at Bible Club

Margo at Bible Club

It was so fun to watch God work in Margo’s life. She began attending church with us. I was asked to lead a children’s Bible club each Tuesday morning. I knew I was supposed to take the job – and someone else was to join me.

You know who, right?


Each Tuesday morning , my girls and I would pick up Margo, and she would go help at the Bible Club with us. Margo was making $10 an hour to learn basic Bible Truths and sing fun Bible songs.

Isn’t God awesome?!

I’ll never forget one of our crafts. On a sheet of paper I typed “God Loves Me” at the bottom, and then I took a photo of each of the kids, had them glue it on, and then decorate it.

Margo, of course, as one of the helpers, had to make one too. She was so proud of her craft – and for the next few months – every time I went to Margo’s – there it hung proudly on her refrigerator.

God loves Margo.

Margo & Cindy -- Oct 2014

Margo & Cindy — Oct 2014

I just had lunch with Margo a few weeks ago. What a blessing to be the arms and mouthpiece of God – to give her a big hug – and remind her of that simple truth that God loves her so very much, and we do too.


Day 15: Fire Up Your Faith (& Meet Paulette Stamper)

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I’m thrilled to have another awesome giveaway today. Be sure to read the bottom of the post for more details.

Hey Friends –

Welcome to 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith!

If this is your first visit you may want to get caught up here. Thanks for stopping by! I’m am glad YOU are here!

Chili pepperSo far over the past 15 days, we’ve been reflecting on our faith journeys (and I disclosed my personal story), and I’ve shared if God can do a miracle in my life — He can do it for you (or any of your loved ones) too!

Wherever you are on your faith journey, God can ignite you with fresh faith, passion and purpose. Guaranteed!

During this 31 Days journey, I’m excited to share the powerful stories of some amazing fired-up women! Don’t you love hearing how other women are weaving our 3 “keys” — Presence, Promises, & Purpose — into their every day lives. I sure do!

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to my good friend Paulette Stamper.

Paulette and I met at the She Speaks 2013 Conference. We immediately connected, and have creatively found ways to meet IRL despite our 5 hour travel distance. Let’s just say when I think of a passionate, purpose-filled, prayerful, fired up woman — Paulette is at the top of the list. Next to Beth Moore, I’ve never met someone as deeply in love with Jesus Christ! The girl is on fire!

Here’s my passionate friend Paulette. Y’all are gonna love her —


The parting of the Red Sea.

The walls of Jericho falling.

Gideon changing from a big chicken into a mighty warrior.

David taking on a giant with just a few small stones.

Three men walking into a blazing furnace and believing God would not forsake them – no matter the outcome.

Peter getting out of the boat.

These are just a few example of the stories I grew up hearing and believing. I don’t think there has ever been a time in my life where I doubted the stories in the Bible. I also grew up hearing stories of missionaries in other parts of the world, their great faith, and how God moved through them to do amazing things. I’ve always enjoyed praising God for what He was doing in and through others.

Then I got irritated.

I started looking at my own life. Boring. Mundane. Predictable. And to be honest, there was no need for me to have extraordinary faith because frankly, I was just hanging out in my comfortable and safe boat. I had been content my entire life just watching and hearing about everyone else who had enough faith to actually get out of the boat and walk on water with Jesus. I had been content merely hearing stories of other “water-walkers.”

But then I started to wonder, “What if?”

What if the stories in the bible were meant to fuel my faith?

What if God really hadn’t changed and He still delighted in doing the extraordinary through ordinary people, just like me?

What if the Jesus that told Peter to come to Him on the water was the same Jesus that would empower me to do the impossible if I would just step out of my boat?

So. I tried it.

Yep. That’s right. Boring, predictable, mundane me actually stepped out of my comfort boat and trusted God to be God. Guess what? I didn’t sink.

Was I scared? You bet I was. Was I in over my head? Absolutely. Was it worth it? A thousand times YES. Has Jesus had to pull me back up when I let the waves overtake me? Many times. But He’s never let me sink.

Once you get a feel for wet feet and windblown hair, you won’t want to climb back in your boat. You will begin to crave the intimacy that grows between you and your Savior as He walks next to you. You will begin to crave the exhilaration that comes from trusting Jesus to do the impossible both in you and through you.

I believe God puts a desire within all of us to experience the Divine. All of us crave to see Him move in ways we could never, ever take credit for.

Many years ago I started praying that God would send a holy revival among His daughters. I prayed He would raise up a generation of women who were willing to leave their comfort boats behind, throw off everything that hinders and every sin that entangles and run the race He has marked out for us (Hebrews 12:.1). By golly, I believe He’s doing it! More and more I am seeing a movement of women who are strong, courageous, sword-yielding, Jesus-loving water-walkers, and it fires me up! It’s an exciting and opportune time to be a woman on fire for God!

So now what?

God planted a dream deep in my heart a few years ago. I dreamed of a place where women of all ages, races, and denominations could come together in unity and be equipped by God’s Word, empowered to live out their faith in every area of life, and to work together to change the world. That’s right, you heard me –

A massive unleashing of believing women to CHANGE. THE. WORLD.

I know those words are often thrown around with nothing of substance to back them up. But what if we really could change the world?

I think we can. Together.

And I have a crazy plan to do it. And I believe it will work. But I’m going to need your help.

Imagine a place where you could be in community with other women who are willing to share the wisdom they have gained through life experiences such as divorce, step-parenting, trauma, anxiety, depression, and many more.

Imagine a place where you could participate in Bible studies with other women from across the world that will deepen your knowledge of Scripture.

Imagine a place that offers tailored groups where you could find hope, healing and encouragement from other women who have been hurt by the church, whose husbands wrestle with a porn addiction, who are recovering from sexual abuse/trauma, and who are navigating the waters of addiction recovery.

Imagine meeting other women who can help lead you down the sometimes difficult and confusing path of the adoption process, both domestically and internationally.

Imagine learning from seasoned leaders that will empower and equip you to enhance your leadership skills.

You can experience all of that and much more as a member of Ignite Women. And as if all that wasn’t awesome enough, it gets even more awesome -

Ignite is strategically partnering with large Not For Profits that are doing amazing work across the world to help end poverty, help end abortion, help increase adoptions and help end human trafficking in our generation. We are not messing around! A portion of every membership dollar will go to empower them to do even more.

It IS possible.

Together, we really can change the world.

I invite you to visit Ignite Women and check us out. I’m confident you will find a place where you can invest in your own spiritual growth and simultaneously join with other women to change the world!

PaulettePaulette has an unwavering desire and dedication to equip and empower as many followers of Christ as possible so they can live out a radical faith. Paulette’s God-sized dream is for believers everywhere to discover their God-given purpose and live out their God-given destiny resulting in a movement that will change the world. She loves Jesus and is passionate about studying and teaching God’s Word. She has authored two Bible studies, Sand Surfers and Rescued, and one book, Straight-Up Crazy. She is the founder of Ignite Women, serves as a counselor at a local Christ-centered community center, and leads the local Ignite group at her home church. Paulette loves her husband and family and the awesome people in her life (including the cute but obnoxious furry white dog that rules her house). She loves a good commentary and eagerly consumes at least three good cups of coffee a day.


Wow! Isn’t Paulette’s faith inspiring? She fires me up like crazy, and then she’ll remind me, “Cindy, we get to do this!!” Woo Hoo!

In the comments section, I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights. Are you currently sitting in your “boat of comfort,” or experiencing water-walking? Share with us please!

paulette bookNow for the Fire Up Your Faith giveaway:

One person who comments will receive the following: 

In order to be entered to win, simply leave us a comment on your favorite part of 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith so far.

Has something stood out to you? Have you used any of the printables? Watched any of the videos? I’d love to hear from you. Extra entry for sharing this post on FB or Twitter (leave a comment letting me know).

Winner will be announced Monday, October 20th.

Thanks so much for stopping by 31 Days to Fire Up Your Faith, friend!

May you hear God calling you out of your boat of comfort, so that you too can live with Straight Up Crazy faith!

Sweet blessings

P.S. My Bible study — Red Hot Faith: Lessons from a Lukewarm Churchis going to be offered as an on-line study with Ignite Women this fall! Woo Hoo!

Starting October 29th, you can participate in Red Hot Faith (including watching the DVD teaching sessions) from the luxury of your own home through Ignite WomenPaulette Stafford Stamper & her team will be facilitating the online study each Wednesday night. And guess what else? In honor of Ignite Women’s national launch, they are offering free membership through November 30th.

If you know anyone who might benefit from this amazing opportunity, please feel free to share. For more info go to www.IgniteWomen.com. ignite ad

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